Stellar Blade 2 Is Already Being Teased

Exclusive PS5 Game Stellar Blade Sparks Talks of Potential Sequel

Despite the fact that the highly anticipated PS5 exclusive game Stellar Blade has not yet been released, fans are already buzzing about the possibility of a sequel, aptly named Stellar Blade 2. In a recent interview, developer Shift Up hinted at the idea of a follow-up game, but made it clear that the success of the initial release will play a crucial role in making it happen.

Will Sony Support Stellar Blade 2?

Shift Up CEO, Hyung-Tae Kim, shared insights in a recent interview with Famitsu (via GamesRadar) about the potential sequel. When asked about the age of protagonist Eve and whether players will discover it in the game, Kim playfully suggested that those interested should play the first Stellar Blade. He hinted that if there is enough demand for a sequel, the character’s age might be revealed in the second installment.

While Kim’s comments may have been made in a light-hearted manner, there is a possibility that Sony could greenlight a sequel if the initial game performs well. Shift Up appears open to the idea of developing a follow-up to Stellar Blade, showcasing their willingness to continue the story.

Initially planned as a multiplatform release, Stellar Blade became a PS5 exclusive with the help of PlayStation indies lead, Shuhei Yoshida. Gamers can currently experience a demo of the game on the PlayStation Store, building anticipation for its full release.