Where to Get Portable Ports

Dragon’s Dogma 2 boasts a vast map, making running around the world a bit tiresome, especially when traveling between capital cities. While Ox Carts offer a way to travel between specific places, the risk of encountering bandits and other threats can make the journey more dangerous. For a safer and quicker method of travel, players can rely on Portcrystals, although the game only features a limited number of permanent ports. Luckily, players can strategically place their portable beacons throughout the world to enable convenient travel back and forth.

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What are Portcrystals

Portcrystals function as beacons that enable fast travel for players. While the game offers five permanent Portcrystals, some are only accessible through specific quests. However, players can utilize portable variants to establish fixable ports across the world. With the ability to have up to ten active temporary beacons that can be repositioned at will.

Utilizing Portcrystals requires a consumable item called Ferrystones, which allows players to teleport to the beacons. Despite the somewhat steep cost of around 10,000 gold, Ferrystones can be obtained from chests or by defeating certain bosses and enemies. Nevertheless, the efficiency and safety of using Portcrystals for travel in the world of Dragon’s Dogma make them worth the investment.

How to Use Portcrystals

Activation of Portcrystals is necessary before they can be utilized for fast travel. Interacting with either a permanent or temporary port is the key to unlocking this feature, making them accessible for quick travel.

When traveling via ports, players will need Ferrystones each time. These items can be used anywhere in the world except indoors, as using them inside structures will result in them being consumed by bouncing off the walls. To avoid wasting valuable Ferrystones, ensure you are in open areas when engaging in fast travel.

Where to Get Portable Portcrystals

There are several ways to obtain Portable Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These valuable items can be earned as quest rewards or obtained through exchanges to maximize the available ports in the game. By collecting enough materials, players can set up a total of ten Portable Portcrystals throughout the map. Here are some methods to accumulate Portable Portcrystals:

A Trial of Archery Side Quest

Completing this side quest in Farnsworth will reward players with a Portable Portcrystal. The mission can be initiated by interacting with Glyndwr at Roderick’s Smithy.

Feast of Deception Main Quest

Completing the Feast of Deception main quest in Vernworth will also grant players a Portable Portcrystal along with Gold and XP from Captain Brant. To start this quest, players must spend time with the captain at a specific inn after finishing the Unsettling Encounter quest.

Sphinx Riddle of Madness and Conviction

Encountering the Sphinx in-game will present players with a set of riddles to choose from. Selecting the Riddle of Madness first will reward players with a chest containing a Portable Portcrystal after placing their central pawn in a Dais. Following this, choosing the Riddle of Conviction will allow players to duplicate an item in their inventory, with the option to select the Portcrystal.

The Dragonforged Exchange

Upon meeting the Dragonforged during the Flickering Shadows Quest in Battahl, players can obtain Portable Portcrystals in exchange for Wyrmslife Crystals, acquired from battles with drakes. Furthermore, players can also receive upgrades from this NPC to enhance their abilities, making it essential to interact with him whenever possible.

Here is the cost breakdown for ports from this NPC:

  • Portable Portcrystals – 20 Wyrmslife Crystals
  • Ferrystone – 3 Wyrmslife Crystals

Portcrystal DLC

Players have the option to purchase a Portcrystal in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for real-world money through game DLC. This additional piece costs approximately $2.50 and provides an easy way to acquire a Portcrystal without extensive in-game grinding.

Where Should You Put These Portable Portcrystals?

The placement of portable ports is entirely up to the player, but there are three locations worth considering due to their frequent revisitation and valuable content. Strategically installing a Portcrystal in these areas can significantly ease progression. Here are some ideal locations for placing a portable port:

  • Bakbattahl
  • Sacred Arbor
  • Sphinx Shrines
  • Agamen Volcanic Island