All items in Content Warning explained

Understanding Equipment in Content Warning

If you aim to maximize your Spooktube views and increase your ad revenue in the thrilling cooperative horror game Content Warning, it’s essential to invest in equipment to enhance your videos.

What Does Each Item Do in Content Warning?

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Deciphering the function of each item in Content Warning can be challenging, especially when basic tools like flashlights come with a hefty price tag. It raises the question of whether certain items like the Hugger are worth the investment. Let’s delve into what these items actually do and which ones offer the best value.


The Medical category in Content Warning features two crucial items: the Hugger and the Defibrillator. The Hugger serves as the primary healing tool in the game, enabling players to restore their friends’ HP by giving them a comforting hug. On the other hand, the Defibrillator allows you to revive fallen teammates who have encountered deadly monsters. Don’t forget to capture footage of their revival for additional views.


Within the Gadgets section, you’ll discover tools designed to enhance your videos and attract more views. The Boom Mic amplifies audio when pointed at a source, increasing overall viewership. The Clapper produces a humorous clapping sound that can entertain your friends and potentially boost your video’s popularity. The Goo Ball acts as a sticky grenade to slow down menacing creatures, ensuring smoother footage capture. Lastly, the Shock Stick serves as a melee weapon for self-defense against monsters.


Explore the Emotes tabs for entertaining gestures like dancing and backflips. Incorporating emotes into your videos may attract more viewers, although the exact impact is yet to be determined. Regardless, they add a fun element to your content, making them a worthwhile investment if you have spare funds.


Currently, the Music section in Content Warning appears blank, and its functionality remains a mystery. It could potentially serve as a platform for upcoming features such as custom music integration for Spooktube videos, but its purpose is unclear at this moment.

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