Final Fantasy 16 on high-end PCs will have better performance than PS5, but the producer encourages users to try the demo first

Final Fantasy 16 PC Performance Benchmark Insights Revealed

Final Fantasy 16‘s producer Naoki Yoshida has provided some new details regarding the game’s PC performance benchmark.

Yoshida recently announced that the PC port of Final Fantasy 16 is nearing completion after almost a year of being exclusive to PlayStation 5. While a release date has not been confirmed yet, Square Enix plans to release a demo prior to the official launch.

Although specific PC requirements have not been disclosed, Yoshida shared some insights about the optimizations during an interview with MMORPG.

Yoshida mentioned that the PC version will offer better performance than the PS5, especially on high-end PCs. He emphasized that players with top-tier hardware can expect enhanced graphical fidelity and improved performance.

The development team is currently focusing on optimization and pushing the limits to deliver an optimal gaming experience. Yoshida highlighted the importance of hardware, stating that better hardware will result in a better gaming experience.

Furthermore, Yoshida revealed that the game will require users to have an SSD for optimal performance. Installing the game on an SSD will significantly improve loading times and overall optimization.

Yoshida encouraged players to try out the PC demo before making a purchase to assess how the game performs on their specific hardware setup.

While a concrete release date is still pending, Yoshida assured fans that the launch is approaching swiftly, indicating that players won’t have to wait much longer.

Final Fantasy 16 recently received its first DLC expansion, Echoes of the Fallen, with the second DLC, The Rising Tide, scheduled for release on April 18.