How to find and beat the Butler in Lethal Company

Lethal Company: How to Locate and Defeat the Butler

The latest update for Lethal Company, version 50, introduces a formidable new foe known as the Butler. Despite his innocent appearance while cleaning, he can swiftly turn aggressive and attack with a knife. Here’s a guide on locating and overcoming the Butler in Lethal Company.

The Butler is a fresh addition to the enemy roster in Lethal Company v50. Players participating in the beta might encounter this adversary, possibly facing multiple Butlers simultaneously. You can encounter the Butler inside the Mansion, a facility interior that can appear on maps like Dine, Rend, Artifice, and Adamance.

If you’re looking to encounter the Butler, your best bet is to explore the Mansion map in Dine, as it has a higher chance of spawning this enemy. Expect to encounter more than one Butler in this area, with sightings of two to four at a time being common.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Butlers can switch between passive and aggressive states. In their passive state, they focus on cleaning and do not engage players. However, in their aggressive state, they wield a knife and pursue players. They generally attack when players are alone, so sticking with a teammate can keep them passive.

To defeat the Butler, simply attack it a few times with a weapon like a stop sign. After sustaining hits, the Butler will inflate and eventually explode. Be cautious when it expands, as the resulting blast can harm you.

How To Find And Beat The Butler In Lethal Company Knife
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Upon exploding, the Butler releases a swarm of angry hornets that will pursue you. Fortunately, you can pick up the knife dropped by the Butler to defend yourself. This weapon is effective for quick attacks, although it’s not effective against Bunker Spiders or Thumpers.

With these strategies, you can successfully overcome the Butler in Lethal Company. Feel more confident in facing this enemy, but do you have enough knowledge about the three new moons in v50?