How to Unlock Brokkr’s Smithy

Boost Your Power with Brokkr’s Secret Shop

When it comes to enhancing your characters’ strength in Dragon’s Dogma 2, weapons and armor play a crucial role alongside vocations and character stats. While some of the best items are typically obtained in the end-game content, there is a secret shop operated by Sara at Brokkr’s Smith that can provide you with access to powerful sets much earlier in the game. This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock this vendor and acquire top-tier equipment to easily overcome various challenges.

Discovering Brokkr’s Smith Secret Shop

If you venture to the edge of the Bakbattahl, you will come across Brokkr’s Shop, which may seem inconspicuous at first glance. However, this Smithy houses a secret vendor, Sara, who will offer you exceptional wares once you complete a specific side questline. Sara, Brokkr’s apprentice, will become accessible after finishing her related missions.

Many players overlook this secret shop because the quest associated with it initiates in Vernworth, an area unlocked at a later stage of the game. This walkthrough will guide you on how to complete the mission chain required to unveil Sara’s shop at Brokkr’s Smith.

Unlocking the Secret Shop

The questline to access the secret shop can be started after completing the Seat of the Sovran mission, which is automatically triggered upon entering Melve. Begin by visiting the courtyard in Vernworth Castle and seek out an NPC named Roman. Roman will reveal himself as a thief and entrust you with the Dulled Regalia Sword to kick off the Dulled Steel, Cold Forge mission. Follow these steps to progress through this quest:

  • Take the weapon to the Vernworth Blacksmith, who will direct you to Brokkr’s Smithy.
  • Brokkr will express interest in the sword but claim he is retired and uninterested in getting involved.

Subsequently, engaging with Sara will lead you into the Steel Resolve, Blazing Forge quest line. Here’s what you need to do to complete this quest:

  • Sara will ask you to bring her 15 Glimmer Coal to learn Blaze Forging.
  • Glimmer Coal can be found abundantly in Digger’s Ruins located southwest of Bakbattahl.
  • Return to Sara with the coal, then wait for one in-game day.
  • Upon your return, Sara will request another day to master Blaze Forging.
  • When you come back, Sara will be missing, prompting you to embark on a mission to find her in the Volcanic Island.
  • Find Sara in Drabnir’s Grotto south of Bakbattahl and assist her in the Blaze Forge.
  • Return to Bakbattahl after escorting Sara to unlock the shop upon quest completion.

After a full in-game day passes, you can access Sara’s shop. While you wait, consider returning the repaired sword to Roman for a gold reward. Building a good relationship with Sara by offering her flowers will earn you a 10% discount on all items purchased from her shop.

Once the shop is unlocked, you can purchase powerful items and Dwarven Enhancements to elevate your gameplay experience. Stock up on these upgrades early on to facilitate smoother progression through the storyline.

Exploring Brokkr’s Array of Goods

Brokkr’s Smithy boasts an extensive range of valuable items, although they come at a high price. Here’s a list of everything you can purchase from Sara or Brokkr:

  • Stalwart Sword – 47,200 gold
  • Carnation – 58,500 gold
  • Revenant Wail – 55,000 gold

Players should take note that each item can be purchased a total of nine times, with stock replenishing every one to two days. Certain items may only become available in the shop upon completing specific quests, so make it a point to visit Brokkr’s Smithy regularly to check for new additions.