Legacy Fate Tier List (April 2024)

All Legacy Fate Characters Tier List

Starting a game and investing resources in useless characters can hinder your progression and make you want to start over. To help you avoid this, here is our Legacy Fate tier list.

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Before delving into the list, I’ve excluded characters that can’t reach level 255 as they are not worth the investment. Let’s explore this Legacy Fate tier list.

S+Charlotte, D. Victor, Alexander, Victor
SWalter, Robert, Caroline, Martha, Catherine, Eileen, Heston, G. Annabel
ACalver, G. Alice, G. Alwei, G. Ovio, Morgal, D. Hercules, Austin
BEdis, Albert, Leonas, Castor, Leonard, D. Ostin, D. Theodora
CD. Alban, Derek, D. Roderick, Valens, G. Aver, G. Hans, D. Venia, D. Vilion
DHenry, Castan, Caspar, G. Austin, G. Alexander, G. Albert, G. Melfis, D. Severance, D. Casir
Tier list of all characters in Legacy Fate

Which Characters Should You Invest in First?

While this tier list considers both PvE and PvP performance, focusing on PvE characters initially is recommended for better rewards. Here are the top PvE characters in Legacy Fate:

  • Charlotte – Revives allies, deals massive damage, and heals. A top priority for upgrades.
  • D. Victor – Good buffs and %HP damage, ideal for strong enemies.
  • G. Annabel – Effective against enemy frontlines with armor penetration.
  • Victor – S+ tier character obtainable for free through quests, great early-game investment.
  • Martha – Provides lifesteal for the party and works best with Charlotte in the team.
  • Alexander – Targets enemy backline DPS, complementing G. Annabel.

With this tier list, creating a powerful party in Legacy Fate should be straightforward. For more tier lists and guides, remember to visit Twinfinite for insights on popular mobile games like Solo Leveling: Arise and Idle Angels.

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