Best items to sell in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best items to sell

In my time as a musician, the art of buying and selling gear was a daily thrill for me. Not only did it sometimes lead to profits through savvy marketing tactics, but it also helped free up much-needed space. Whether you prefer heavy armor or not, you’ll soon discover the necessity of selling off the items you’ve collected during your adventures in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Do you need an upgrade or perhaps need to lighten your load due to carry weight constraints? Selling can be the solution, but it can be tricky with the constant worry of selling something important. That’s where we come in. While selling the most valuable items may seem logical, why sell something that could benefit you?

Instead, focus on selling common, less useful but still valuable items. Let’s delve deeper into some of the best items to sell in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Bulk sell: Lesser monster materials

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One common complaint from players is the constant barrage of enemies in areas like Vernworth and Battahl. While this can be frustrating, you can turn it to your advantage. By looting monster parts from these foes, you’ll amass a collection of items that some may see as garbage while others view as valuable goods.

When you have a good number of the same items, visit a vendor and sell off your monster materials in bulk. This can earn you some extra coin for future upgrades. However, refrain from selling higher-tier enemy materials, such as those from Drakes or Griffins, as you’ll need those for further enhancing your gear.

Outdated, duplicate, or unusable armor and weapons

Dragons Dogma 2 Battahli Biters

As you progress, you’ll realize that your early-game weapon won’t suffice for long. When visiting major cities, you’ll find vendors selling equipment that far surpasses your current gear. It’s time to sell to make way for upgrades!

Get rid of outdated, duplicate, or gear unsuitable for your vocation to make room for better options. By selling off excess equipment, you can earn some extra cash for your next big purchase.

Gems do look nice, but they are a luxury you can sell

Sell Gems Dragon's Dogma 2
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During your travels, you may come across rare gems like Jasper, Onyx, and Tiger Eye. While these gems are alluring, selling them can bring in significant wealth as they are not used for upgrades or enhancements.

To maximize your earnings, know where to sell each gem based on supply and demand:

  • Jasper: Sell at Battahl.
  • Onyx: Preferred by Vermund vendors.
  • Tiger Eyes: Valued by Elven vendors in Sacred Arbor.

Selling gems in the right market can significantly increase your profits. Combine this knowledge with selling other valuable items to amass wealth for top-tier weapons and armor in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Don’t be afraid to part with items and get ready for some major shopping!