Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – How to Give Medals

Hearts of Iron 4 provides players with the opportunity to take control of any country during World War 2 and alter their path throughout this monumental conflict.

Mastering the art of creating powerful divisions is crucial for players to achieve victory with any country they choose, allowing them to effectively defeat their enemies on the frontlines.

How to Give Medals in HOI4

In Hearts of Iron 4, divisions must accomplish noteworthy feats before they can receive medals. These achievements make the division deserving of recognition before you can bestow a medal upon them.

Some accomplishments that make a division eligible for a citation include:

  • Conquering a major city.
  • Achieving victory despite heavy casualties.
  • Successfully executing operations.

Once a division accomplishes one of these feats, a medal icon with a plus sign will appear next to the division’s icon when you select the army they belong to.

By clicking on the medal icon, you can access the division’s history, detailing their participation in operations and battles.

You will find a button with a hand placing a medal next to significant achievements, allowing you to Grant a Citation.

Clicking this button will present you with various medals, each offering different bonuses. These medals are influenced by your country and ruling political party.

Choose a medal that aligns with your objectives and spend 30 Political Power to grant the division a lasting bonus. You can award multiple medals to a division based on their accomplishments, enabling them to accumulate numerous buffs.

List of All Medals in HOI4

Below is a comprehensive list of all the medals that can be bestowed upon divisions in Hearts of Iron 4 based on each country and ideology:


  • La Medalla Al Valor – Division Recovery Rate: +10%, Experienced soldier losses: -5%
  • Order of Bernardo O’Higgins – Division Organization: +10%, HP: +5%
  • Grand Officer Grade of the Chilean Order of Merit – Division Attack: +5%, Breakthrough: +5%, HP: +5%
  • Medalla Carabineros De Chile – Reconnaissance: +15%, Supply Consumption: -10%
  • Legion de Mérito de Chile – Division Organization: +10%, Division Recovery Rate: +5%
  • Commander’s Cross of the Royal Order of the Steel Crown – Breakthrough: +15%, Division Attack: +5%
  • Commander’s Cross of the Noble and Royal Order of the Southern Star – Division Organization: +10%, Division Recovery Rate: +5%, Supply Consumption: -5%
  • Knight’s Cross of the Legion of Medalists of the Southern Constellation – Max Entrenchment: +10%, Division Defense: +5%
  • Knight’s Cross of Medalists of the Order of the Southern Constellation – Experienced soldier losses: -20%, Division Recovery Rate: +10%
  • Orden El Sol del Perú (Avenge the Pacification of Araucanía or Crown Antoine as Sovereign King focuses) – Equipment Capture Ratio Modifier: +10%, Division Defense: +5%, Division Attack: +5%
  • Medalla Combatiente Weychafe Pu Mapuche (Avenge the Pacification of Araucanía focus) – Supply Consumption: -15%, Breakthrough: +10%
  • Medalla Meli Witran Mapu (Avenge the Pacification of Araucanía focus) – Division Defense: +10%, Division Organization: +5%, Division Recovery Rate: +5%



  • Medal for Bravery – Division Organization: +10.0%
  • Military Merit Cross – Division Attack: +5.0%
  • Order of the Brave – Reconnaissance: +10.0%, Armor: +10.00%
  • Cross of Heroism – Breakthrough: +10.0%


  • Distinguished Service Medal – Supply Consumption: -15.0%, Army Fuel Consumption: -15.0%
  • Red Star – Division Recovery Rate: +10.0%, Division Defense: +5.0%
  • Medal of Military Merit – Division Organization: +10.0%
  • Hero of the Revolution – HP: +10.00%


  • Cross of Bravery – Division Defense: +5.0%, Max Entrenchment: +10.0%
  • The Military Order – Supply Consumption: -15.0%, Division Recovery Rate: +10.0%
  • Order of the Sword – Division Attack: +5.0%
  • Order of Military Virtue – Division Recovery Rate: +5.0%, Experienced soldier losses: -20.0%


  • Medal of Gallantry – Division Recovery Rate: +10.0%
  • Legion of Honor – Supply Consumption: -15.0%
  • War Cross – Reconnaissance: +10.0%, Division Defense: +5.0%
  • Order of the Lion – Experienced soldier losses: -25.0%


  • Order of the Dannebrog (Not Communist) – Division Organization: +10%, Division Defense: +5%
  • Hero of the Danish Civil Union (Communist) – Division Organization: +10%, Division Defense: +5%

… (continued for each country)

That wraps up everything you need to understand about awarding medals in Hearts of Iron 4!

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