How to enter The Pit of Artificers in Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR

Introduction to The Pit of Artificers in Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR

Get ready to face off against formidable foes in exchange for valuable materials – a trade-off that any seasoned player can appreciate. Discover how you can venture into The Pit of Artificers within Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR and take on this thrilling challenge.

Understanding The Pit of Artificers in Diablo 4

The Pit of Artificers stands out as a new feature introduced during the Season 4 PTR for Diablo 4. This Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon presents players with the task of defeating Level 100 enemies to earn an invitation from the boss of The Pit. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, the catch is you must achieve this feat in under 10 minutes to obtain Masterworking materials for upgrading your items – a crucial part of the endgame mechanics included in the PTR.

While the primary objective is to complete the challenge within the 10-minute timeframe, successful players can unlock higher-tier versions of The Pit of Artificers along with a greater quantity of materials. But be cautious while navigating through this perilous dungeon, as each death incurs a time penalty of up to 90 seconds, based on the number of times you fall.

How to Access The Pit of Artificers in Diablo 4 PTR

Upon reaching World Tier 4 in Diablo 4, a new quest titled “The Pit of Artificers” will become available to you. Journey to Cerrigar and interact with the Artificer Obelisk, also referred to as the Portal Activator. To activate the portal, you must gather Runeshards by participating in various endgame activities like Helltides, confronting World Bosses, and completing Nightmare Dungeons.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you have amassed a sufficient amount of Runeshards, you can interact with the Artificers Pit portal to access different tiers of The Pit of Artificers. Select your desired tier, interact with the portal, and prepare to step into The Pit.

Diablo 4 The Pit Of Artificers Obelisk
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Strategies for Conquering The Pit of Artificers in Diablo 4

As previously mentioned, timing is crucial in this challenge. Rather than completing the Dungeon in the traditional manner of exploring the entire map to reach the boss room, your objective is to eliminate a specific number of enemies before being summoned to confront the boss. Consider it a tactic to grab the boss’s attention.

Although the concept seems simple, the actual encounter with the boss and its minions can be extremely intense. Even with top-tier armor and level 100 gear from the PTR boost, players may find themselves struggling. To enhance your chances of survival and maximize your Masterworking rewards, it is highly recommended to tackle The Pit of Artificers with three companions. The player who initiates the Portal will be the one to receive the rewards.

Diablo 4 The Pit Of Artificers Boss
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Utilize your party’s combined strength to dispatch enemies swiftly, defeat the boss before the 10-minute mark, and reap the rewards. By sampling the mechanics within the PTR, players can gain insight into what to expect in Season 4 of Diablo 4. Ensure to immerse yourself in this experience before the PTR concludes on April 9, marking the end of this opportunity until the arrival of the next Season.

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