How To Beat the Lesser Drake and Dragon

Dragonsbreath Tower Drake Guide

The Dragonsbreath Tower is home to one of the more challenging bosses in Dragon’s Dogma 2 – the Lesser Drake. This particular Drake has a unique appearance and fighting style that sets it apart from the standard Drakes found elsewhere. In this guide, we will explore some tips and strategies to help you defeat this formidable foe.

Weakspots and Vulnerabilities

The Lesser Drake at Dragonsbreath Tower is unlike other Drakes in the game. It has multiple weakspots scattered across its body in the form of fleshy tumors. These weakspots can be targeted and destroyed to deal significant damage to the Drake. It is highly susceptible to Ice damage, so having a Mage or Sorcerer Pawn with Ice spells is crucial. Additionally, using an enchanted weapon with Ice properties can further enhance your damage output.

Combat Strategies

During the battle, the Lesser Drake will use a variety of attacks including slam attacks, claw swipes, fire breath, and poisonous acid. It is important to avoid these attacks and capitalize on its weaknesses. Keep an eye out for falling pillars around the tower that can be used to your advantage. However, be cautious as these pillars can also pose a threat to you and your Pawns.

Melee classes can hold their own against this boss, but Magick Archers shine in this encounter due to their ability to target multiple weakspots with ice arrows simultaneously.

Overworld Lesser Drake Guide

Unlike the Lesser Drake at Dragonsbreath Tower, the Overworld Lesser Drake presents a more challenging fight with only one vulnerable spot – a glowing heart in its chest. Similar to its counterpart, this Drake is also weak to Ice damage. Targeting the heart repeatedly can cause the Drake to stagger, creating opportunities to unleash powerful attacks.

The Overworld Lesser Drake is a formidable opponent that can cast dangerous spells on the ground and mid-air. Stay vigilant against its fire blasts, lightning pillars, and homing ground blasts. Beware of its grab attack, which can inflict Dragonplague on Pawns and deal heavy damage if it catches you.

Utilizing the powerful magic shots of the Magick Archer or the high-damage Heavensward Sunder skill of the Warrior vocation can expedite the defeat of this boss.

Defeating a Drake will reward you with valuable items such as Wakestones, Dragon Scales, and Wyrmslife Crystals that will prove useful in the post-game content.