Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier List (April 2024)

Mobile Legends: Adventure Best Heroes Tier List

Competition in gacha games is fierce, with most being highly competitive except for those that are essentially single-player experiences. Mobile Legends: Adventure falls into the former category, and to aid you in your climb up the leaderboards, we’ve compiled a tier list of the top heroes in the game. Take a look below.

Before delving into the tier list, it’s important to note that the rankings are based on each character’s overall performance across all game modes, rather than specific ones. This list can serve as a helpful guide on which characters to prioritize, especially during the early stages of the game or when resources are limited. SR and R characters have been omitted as they hold little to no significance. Here is the tier list showcasing all heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure:

SAchlys Alice, Eos Silvanna, Mystic Mystia, Sekhet
AAmber Irithel, Akashic, Angela, Feng, Hel, Naiad Rafaela, Nana, Rista, Shah Torre, Shar, Tokinibara
BHelia Karihmet, Crocell, Hestia, Mecha Layla, Miracle Clara, Morpheus, Oberon, Silvanna, Xeno
CAis, Apostae, Arcus Miya, Astraia Sipra, Edith, Esmeralda, Hylos, Irithel, Kimmy, Lunox, Ruby, Vexana, Wanwan, Hwang Jini
DAkai, Anna, Atlas, Aurora, Bell, Clint, Gord, Gavana, Granger, Guinevere, Hanabi, Hayabusa, Karihmet, Karrie, Lolita, Luna Amara, Lylia, Natalia, Natan, Nimbus Eudora, Selena, Valir, X.Borg, Yu Zhong, Zhask
EAlice, Amaterasu, Argus, Badang, Bai, Belerick, Claude, Diggie, Estes, Fanny, Forseti, Gusion, Harley, Kagura, Karina, Masha, Moskov, Odette, Pharsa, Tia, Uranus, Zilong
FAlpha, Chang’e, Freya, Gatotkaca, Grock, Hanzo, Helcurt, Kadita, Lancelot, Lapu-Lapu, Lesley, Martis, Minsitthar, Saber, Thamuz, Yi Sun-shin

It’s worth mentioning that certain heroes excel in specific game modes compared to others. Therefore, if resources permit, investing in them as well could be advantageous. For more tailored game-related advice, consider joining the official Discord server.

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