Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes Is Coming To PC With A Better Framerate And Higher Resolution

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Coming to PC with Cross-Save Functionality

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the popular free-to-play Star Wars collectible turn-based strategy RPG mobile game, is expanding to PC with exciting new features. The developer revealed that the PC version will include cross-save functionality, allowing players to continue their progress across different platforms.

Improved Performance and Visuals

In a recent email interview with the developer, they mentioned some significant enhancements for the PC release. Players can expect a doubled frame rate of 60 fps, anti-aliasing for smoother graphics, and higher resolution settings to fully utilize the capabilities of high-end PCs. Additionally, the game’s layout has been optimized for PC gameplay.

Seamless Transition for Players

Originally launched for mobile devices in 2015, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has built a dedicated fanbase over the years. While some players have found ways to play the game on PC through emulation, this official release will provide an enhanced experience. The PC version will fully support mouse and keyboard inputs, along with customizable keybinds (although controller support is not available yet).

Existing players can easily transfer their progress by linking their mobile account to their EA account when starting the PC version. All future updates will be synchronized between mobile and PC platforms, ensuring a consistent experience for all players.

Beta Access and Registration Details

Current mobile players will have the opportunity to participate in the PC version’s beta testing phase, starting in May. Interested players can visit the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes website, sign up for the EA App, link their accounts, and register for the Closed Beta. Selected participants will receive invitations via email to join the testing phase.

For more information and updates, visit the official Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes website.