Dragon’s Dogma 2 post game guide

Preparing for the World Unchosen

Before embarking on the Post Game in Dragon’s Dogma 2, it’s crucial to prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead. The difficulty ramps up as the toughest bosses emerge in the overworld, spawning more frequently. Make sure you are well-leveled and well-equipped before diving into this stage of the game. Additionally, strategically place Portcrystals in major and minor towns for efficient teleportation during the post-game. Maintain high reputation levels with Vermund, Bakbattahl, and the Sacred Arbor, as their trust will be essential for the endgame.

Stock up on Wakestones and Ferrystones to navigate the dangerous World Unchosen. This phase of the game calls for the utilization of your best items, so be sure to have them on hand.

How to Start the Post Game

Upon reaching the throne room after the final battle with The Dragon, resist the temptation to sit on the throne. Instead, engage in conversation with the Pathfinder seated at a table near the throne. This interaction triggers a cutscene where the Pathfinder takes you back to the moment you faced The Dragon in combat. To initiate the post-game content, use the Godsbane Blade on yourself while on The Dragon’s chest.

World Unchosen’s State

Upon entering the post-game phase, brace yourself for a drastically altered open world. The sky will glow red, and fearsome foes like Skeletons and Liches will spawn regardless of the in-game time. The drained sea at the map’s center reveals a new region to explore. This world state operates on a strict 7-day time limit – failing to meet this deadline will result in the world’s destruction, necessitating a restart.

Look out for the four new bosses known as Purgeners, indicated by shining beacons of light. Defeating these bosses not only yields valuable Wyrmslife Crystals but also extends the world’s deadline, granting more time for exploration and questing.

Evacuation Quests

Five crucial evacuation quests will unfold in major cities – “Civil Unrest” (Bakbattahl), “The Regentkin’s Resolve” (Vernworth), “Wandering Roots” (Sacred Arbor), “The Importance of Aiding Ernesto” (Volcanic Island Camp), and “Shepherd of the Pawns” (Excavation Site). Completing these quests is pivotal for achieving the True Ending of the game.

Each quest entails unique challenges and objectives, such as resolving disputes, securing transportation, and aiding key individuals. Thoroughly engage with the city’s inhabitants to progress through these pivotal quests and contribute to the overall storyline.

General Tips

As you navigate the World Unchosen, make judicious use of your valuable items, including Wakestones and Unmaking Arrows. Ferrystones and Wakestone drops become more prevalent, so leverage them generously to your advantage.

Given the time-sensitive nature of the post-game, minimize resting at inns or making camp unless you have cleared all four beacons by defeating associated bosses. Equip a Holy weapon to combat the influx of undead enemies, including Skeletons, Liches, and the formidable Dullahan boss.

Explore the Seafloor Shrine when time permits, as it hides valuable loot and rewards waiting to be discovered.

Post Game Rewards

For those in possession of Wyrmslife Crystals, seek out the Dragonforged NPC to acquire top-tier gear and Dragonforge your weapons. Enhance your arsenal by reducing weapon weight and boosting overall stats for a competitive edge in battles to come.