Dwarf Fortress Game Devs Reveal What’s Next For Them After The Game’s Sudden Success

Indie Game Creators of Dwarf Fortress Enjoy Success

Tarn and Zach Adams, the masterminds behind the popular indie game Dwarf Fortress, are reaping the rewards of their hard work. With the recent success of their game, Zach has decided to treat himself to a new home and a Honda Civic.

Currently, Dwarf Fortress has surpassed 800,000 copies sold and has accumulated over a million wishlists. In a recent interview with PCGamer, the duo was asked if they had any plans for celebrating hitting a million sales. Tarn admitted that they hadn’t really thought about it, saying, “Because you’re like, ‘When is that going to happen?'”

During the interview, they revealed that the upcoming Adventure Mode update is considered a “gentle update.” This update will mark the first time they engage with the over a million people who have wishlisted the game. Following the launch of the update, Tarn hinted at the possibility of a small celebration, while Zach suggested a potential exotic trip to celebrate the milestone.

For those unfamiliar with Dwarf Fortress, it is a strategy game featuring a procedurally generated world. Players assume the role of leading clans of dwarves as they seek to establish and expand their settlements in the mountains.

Dwarf Fortress gained significant traction towards the end of last year, particularly after its release on Steam on December 6. The Steam version brought enhancements such as updated graphics, music, and more. Within just one month of its Steam debut, the game had already sold close to 500,000 copies.