Invincible Season 2 Finale Review – “I Thought You Were Stronger”

The Emotional Conclusion of Invincible Season 2

The eighth and final episode of Invincible Season 2 delivers on its emotional promises, taking Mark on a journey of uncertainty and self-reflection. While the episode maintains a solid pace, it falls short in some areas, leaving a sense of something missing.

The Missing Ingredient

The antagonist, Angstrom Levy, plays a crucial role in Mark’s story, seeking revenge for past events. However, Levy’s presence feels lacking as he fades in and out of focus throughout the season, failing to leave a lasting impact on Mark or the viewers.

A Complex Villain

Levy’s vendetta against Mark stems from a dark past, but it isn’t until he pushes Mark to the edge that his true villainy shines through. Despite his menacing actions, Levy could easily be replaced by any other villain from the series without much difference in impact.

A Familiar Path

Mark’s journey through different dimensions provides some entertaining moments, but it lacks a sense of true danger. Even faced with various challenges, Mark navigates through them effortlessly, diminishing the tension in the episode.

An Intense Confrontation

The emotional climax between Mark and Levy showcases stellar performances from both actors, elevating the intensity of their conflict. As Mark’s rage takes over, echoes of past events come to light, setting the stage for a poignant character development.

An Uncertain Future

Mark’s moral dilemma surrounding killing is explored, but lacks the depth and complexity seen in the comic counterpart. The episode hints at a deeper spiritual reckoning for Mark, pointing towards potential conflicts in future seasons.

A Promising Future

As Mark grapples with his inner turmoil, the episode sets the stage for intriguing future storylines. With unresolved plot threads and shifting dynamics among characters, Season 3 holds the promise of further growth and development.