Nintendo Download: 4th April (North America)

Switch eShop – Highlights

What They Don’t Sea (LearnDistrict, 29th Mar, $4.99) – Explore a wonderful mix of beautiful and creepy environments, with drops of humor delivered by charming underwater creatures in this oceanic adventure! As a marine researcher with the Rachel Carson Research Organization, you have been sent to collect samples of a new species of algae for an alternative energy project. Explore the depths of the ocean but be sure to watch your air levels! Friendly creatures like Bean, the jellyfish weapons dealer, will help prepare you for the … not-so-friendly creatures along your journey. What They Don’t Sea was created by Team Atlantis, a group of middle school girls who won the grand prize at the 2019 Girls Make Games Demo Day competition.

Switch eShop – New Releases

7 Days Heroes (Dolores Ent., 29th Mar, $7.99) – MAI, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, has gone rogue and is turning the entire population into zombies. Only three heroes with special abilities and their faithful dog can stop it. “7 Days Heroes” is a retro-styled 2D platformer in which you control up to 4 different characters, each with their unique abilities. Collect weapons and items with every character and aim for the goal. Enjoy the adventure on 30 stages in all 7 areas!

Alien Invasion (Sabec, 29th Mar, $9.99) – The goal of the game is to blast the alien forces and get the highest score possible with your three lives. The tougher the enemy is to destroy, the greater the chance they will drop a valuable power-up. Collect them to help fight off the alien vermin and earn yourself the highest score.
The power-ups can be a one-shot event or a timed event. There are FOUR different powerful items to collect, Triple Shot, Single Beam Shot, Shield and Slow Time. If you destroy the Command ship, you’ll be awarded a random point value between 100 and 500 points. The difficulty ramps up quickly with the infestation’s relentless attack intensifying as time progresses.

Arcade Archives VOLFIED (HAMSTER, 28th Mar, $7.99) – “VOLFIED” is a line-drawing action puzzle game released by TAITO in 1989. Pilot the Monotros to drive out the aliens from your home world using the ship’s laser to take back the captured territory. Retake 80% of a stage to win, but be careful the enemies do not come into contact with your ship or incomplete lines while your barrier is off.

Botany Manor (Whitethorn Games, 9th Apr, TBA) – Welcome to Botany Manor, a stately home in 19th century England. You play as its inhabitant Arabella Greene, a retired botanist. Explore your house and gardens, filled with botanical research, to figure out the ideal habitat for a collection of forgotten flora. Grow each plant to discover the mysterious qualities they hold…

Bubble Bunny (Kistler Studios, 29th Mar, $1.99) – Bubble bunny is a puzzle three match game where you shoot bubbles and match three of the same kind or more to pop them und solve the puzzle. Different level goals and over 99 levels makes the game diverse and interesting to play.

Bungee Run (Entity3, 30th Mar, $0.99) – Take on the bungee run! Collect helpers as you avoid obstacles and try to reach the end of the run! Miss the helps and feel the force of the bungee pull you back! Can you beat the run!

Cats Organized Neatly (DU&I UG, 4th Apr, $2.99) – So, you have decided to become a crazy cat person. Or you just like cats? If that’s the case you are definitely at the right place! Because we have cats! 30 of them to be exact. They come in all shapes and sizes and… we’ve kinda lost track of all of them. If you could take some time and just help us organize the little ones. Just pick them up and place them on the grid over there. And don’t worry, they won’t bite even if you rotate them a bit.

Colony Defense – The Ultimate Minimalist Tower Base Defense Game (McPeppergames, 4th Apr, $9.98) – In COLONY DEFENSE we have combined classic strategy games with puzzle logic and removed all unnecessary complex elements. Combined with tactics and planning, this creates a unique, fascinating gaming experience. A very addictive one! Will you stand up to the overwhelming number of attacking aliens and successfully defend the space colonies? Can you do it without using heavy special weapons, or will you bomb the battlefield

Cosmic Hare (Insert Coin, 6th Apr, $3.99) – Your fellow rabbits don’t have any plans for the night. They’re all about stargazing and occasionally hopping over one another. Which one is the last one to go home? Cosmic Hare is a casual puzzle game based on the classic board game ‘Peg Solitaire’: Pieces can be moved by jumping over adjacent pieces, and the goal is to remove all but the last piece from the board. In this version the pieces come to life as adorable rabbits, and the board expands to a multidimensional universe with rules of its own for you to discover.

CrashOut Xtreme (SOFT SOURCE, 4th Apr, $9.99) – Crashout Xtreme is a casual arcade game with a unique combination of nostalgic and classic gameplay. Break the blocks using the bat and ball with a new and fresh design. Various gameplay experiences await with power-ups and challenging enemies

Deadland Chronicles (DEMENCI, 4th Apr, $7.99) – Get ready for a thrilling ride in Deadland Chronicles, a fast-paced 2D cartoon-style game that pits you against hordes of relentless zombies threatening to derail the train! As a fearless hero, your mission is clear: fight back the undead menace and clear the tracks to keep the train rolling. In Deadland Chronicles, players must strategically deploy a variety of fighters using powerful cards to fend off waves of zombies. With each level presenting new challenges, you’ll need to think on your feet and make split-second decisions to survive. Unlock and upgrade a diverse roster of characters, each with unique abilities and strengths, using internal points earned through gameplay. From fearless warriors to cunning tacticians, assemble your ultimate team to combat the zombie invasion and secure the safety of the passengers aboard the train. But beware, the undead won’t go down without a fight!

Devil’s Calling (IceTorch, 5th Apr, $4.99) – He took everything from you. He destroyed your family and cursed you with eternal suffering. And now, after you signed the pact with the devil, it’s your turn to settle the score with The Bad Man. Your house, once full of family life, is now a terrifying place where hideous horrors roam. Your only chance is to find several artifacts which are needed to complete the sacred ritual. Only then will you be able to find and destroy The Bad Man.

Doll Explorer (Waku Waku, 4th Apr, $10.99) – There was once said to be an untrodden dungeon housing a vast treasure of silver and gold. Any being who dared set foot in this underground labyrinth, filled since ancient times with poisonous gasses and demons, would succumb within a single minute. When witch Tia, who had previously fallen on hard times and given up her home, schemes to claim the dungeon’s riches and buy back her abode, she encounters a hellhound who calls herself the demon queen. Tia borrows the queen’s body, and, alongside the magical lifeform Doll, ventures forth into peril. Thus begins the adventures of the unlikely trio: witch Tia, magical lifeform Doll, and demon queen Lilith.

Find Room 96 (SURPRISED HOTDOG, 6th Apr, $4.29) – On floor 0 you will be presented with an area to study the layout of objects. The timer will start once you are ready to play. The correct decision will move you up a floor and the incorrect decision will reset you back to the beginning. Observation is key. The timer will start once you are ready to play. The correct decision will move you up a floor and the incorrect decision will reset you back to the beginning. Observation is key. If you don’t find anomalies, choose the elevator that states no anomalies otherwise choose the elevator that states confirm anomalies.

Fire Race (GAME NACIONAL, 6th Apr, $4.99) – Fire Race is a racing game that demands precision! Embark on a world tour, competing to secure the first-place while navigating banana peels, piles of sand, dangerous ice stalactites, and much more! Looking for an extra challenge? Attempt to collect all the items and complete special quests in each level! Although the path is challenging, a dose of power-ups can make all the difference. Utilize them to confront opponents and secure your victory!

Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris (eastasiasoft, 3rd Apr, $7.99) – Welcome to Venaris, a small planetary system where an underground criminal organization known only as the Syndicate continuously terrorizes citizens while the corrupt planetary administration is ineffective at bringing the organization down. Three skilled individuals have now decided to take matters into their own hands! Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris is a top-down vertical shoot’em up where choices presented in certain stages drastically alter the way the narrative unfolds. With multiple paths, unique content for each pilot you choose, specific tasks to complete, procedurally generated levels and unpredictable enemy attack patterns across 10 stages, Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris offers a wealth of replay value as you explore its narrative possibilities!

Freedom Planet 2

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