How to Get New Powers in South Park Snow Day

Unlocking New Powers in South Park: Snow Day

In South Park: Snow Day, your New Kid will have two Power slots for you to swap in various Powers before starting each Chapter of the game. This enables you to pick and choose combinations of your liking that will best enhance your playstyle, with eight different powers to choose from in total.

Powers are made available as you progress through the game and get access to certain unlocks, which can be gained by gathering materials, completing certain quests during a chapter, and more. During your adventure through each Chapter, you will also be able to further enhance these Powers through Upgrade cards that can be sourced from vendors or discovered as loot.

Here is a list of all eight powers in South Park: Snow Day, what they do, and how to unlock them:

PowerDescriptionHow to UnlockNotes
Fart EscapeFart yourself up to safety and gross out the enemies in your wake.Automatically gained through tutorial.
Healing TotemPlant a Totem that heals you and your allies for a short time.Automatically gained through tutorial.
Bubble ShieldReflect projectiles back at your attackersComplete Toilet Paper Mogul.Liberate the fabled treasure of Stark’s Pond.
BullrushFart yourself through enemies, charging and carrying them with you.Complete Petty Larceny.Break open 25 lootable containers.
Drone BombRelease a Drone that seeks enemies and explodes after a short delay.Complete The Cursed Bloodline.Defeat Liane at the church.
Snow TurretConstruct a mechanical monstrosity that fires snowballs for you.Comlpete Fully Worthy.Become an honorary Marshwalker.
CheesingDrug your enemies with cat urine to make them temporarily fight for you.Complete Bastardly BehaviourDefeat Princess Kenny at the Town Square
Gravity BombRelease a drifting void that sucks enemies in and damages them.Complete Heroic ParkourVoid Stan by crossing the rooftops of Main Street.

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