Best AFK Arena Tier Beast List

Best AFK Arena Beasts

S Tier

These Beasts are currently the top-performing pets and can synergize with most compositions.

  • Winged Lion – The Winged Lion is the best utility pet in the game right now, buffing your entire team while generating extra energy. It also provides perks to your unit with the highest attack and adds piercing damage when maxed out.
  • Flutterplume Owl – This Owl extends the durations of buffs, ideal for characters and pets that provide bonuses as you progress through the game.
  • Savage Souffle – Best for PvP-focused content, offering energy, crowd control, and debuff cleansing to increase survivability.
  • Talismane – A great early-game pet that counters heroes with GB or Hypo, providing crowd control and blinding effects.
  • Slumber Seal – Focuses on nuking enemies with damage buffs and excels at offense-oriented gameplay.
  • Fox Fatale – Shines in both PvP and PvE content, disabling and weakening enemy units with crowd control and debuffs.
  • Shroom Spooder – A top-performing pet providing stuns, increased damage dealt, and damage mitigation buffs.
  • Ice Crown – Offers reliable crowd controls, extreme durability, and suitable counter mechanisms for defense.

A Tier

  • Blade Ridge – An offense-oriented Beast perfect for early-game power but tends to fall off later compared to utility pets.
  • Phantasmoth – Provides decent buffs in the early-game stages and can be optimized with the right resources.
  • Rock Crown Lizard – Balances offense and defense with shield generation and crowd control skills.
  • Fire Breather – Offers offensive buffs and sustainability, requiring melee heroes to maximize its benefits.

B Tier

  • Bellbellow – Focuses on healing and supporting the team but doesn’t scale well at higher levels.
  • Polar Beast – Excels in AoE attacks but falls off as more Beasts are introduced.
  • Feline Vesperio – Effective in draining and controlling energy, but works best with specific team compositions.

These are all notable pets to consider when choosing a companion for your team, offering various buffs and utilities to enhance your gameplay experience. While other beasts exist in the game, they may not provide significant benefits compared to the ones mentioned above.