Dataminers Believe Diablo 4 Is Bringing Back This Theme For Season 4

Diablo 4 Season 4: A Glimpse into the Season of the Iron Wolves

As the Public Test Realm (PTR) was introduced for Diablo 4, players were quick to commend the game’s improvements in terms of balance, itemization, Helltide, and The Pit of Artificers adjustments. However, what has caught the attention of many is the potential theme of Season 4: the Iron Wolves.

Dataminers have uncovered various clues hinting at the inclusion of the Iron Wolves and Iron Wolf-related gear in Diablo 4. One significant discovery was a new version of the Iron Wolves emblem.

Datamined Iron Wolves Gear for Diablo 4 Season 4

Iron WolcvTotemA tool for mental focus, crafted by the Iron Wolves from demon corpses salvaged in Helltide.[1,337 – 2,005] Damage per Hit
1.10 Attacks per Second (Fast)
+[28 – 42] Willpower
Iron Wolf BootsBootsSturdy and flame-resistant, for those who would stand toe to toe against the Hellborne.Attacks Reduce Evade’s Cooldown by 0.8 Seconds
Iron Wolves Messenger BootsBootsLightweight treads worn while rallying forces against the Helltide.+2 Maximum Evade Charges
Iron Wolf MedallionAmuletThis medallion is personalized for each Iron Wolf and is granted only to those of great valor. Rarely is one crafted for an outside ally of the Wolves, in thanks for their heroic service.+19.0% Resistance to All Elements
Reclaimed Medallion of the Iron WolvesAmuletThe shattered medallion you delivered to Soudeh has been expertly reassembled and burnished to gleaming. Rarely are such emblems given to outside allies of the Wolves, in thanks for heroic service.+19.0% Resistance to All Elements

Furthermore, dataminers have also uncovered details about an NPC named Soudeh, who is expected to play a significant role as one of the main Iron Wolf characters in Season 4. Soudeh will guide and engage with players throughout the season’s content, adding depth to the Iron Wolves’ storyline.

In-Game Hints Regarding the Iron Wolves

Additional in-game hints found in the PTR version of Diablo 4 further validate the data unearthed by dataminers. References to Helltide, such as enemies dropping “Wolf’s Honor” and events related to the Iron Wolves like “Assist Ironwolves,” suggest a strong link to this mysterious faction.

Diablo 4 Iron Wolves
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As these discoveries go beyond mere speculation, all eyes are now on May 14, 2024, to see if the rumors surrounding Diablo 4 Season 4 come to fruition. Will the Iron Wolves rise once again to their former glory? Only time will tell. For those eager to uncover more about the Iron Wolves, exploring Helltide is highly recommended – just remember to tread carefully, as danger lurks at every corner.

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