Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – Focus Tree Guide

What Is a Focus Tree?

A Focus Tree is a key component in Hearts of Iron 4 that allows players to guide the development and progression of their country by making choices along predetermined paths. This mechanic streamlines the gameplay experience and helps players achieve specific goals without delving too deeply into the game’s mechanics.

Focus Trees grant players access to various resources such as Military and Civilian Factories, Infrastructure, and Research Slots, all of which can be obtained for free by spending Political Power and completing focus tasks within a set number of days.

Most Focus Trees feature branching paths where players must make decisions that involve trade-offs. For instance, choosing to focus on expanding Military Factories may come at the expense of Civilian Factories. Each path in the Focus Tree offers unique benefits and challenges, allowing players to tailor their country’s development to their strategic goals.

How Do Focus Trees Work in HOI4?

Using the Focus Tree is simple – players can access it from the political menu and choose from available focus options that are typically categorized into Industrial, Army, Navy, Air, and Political branches. Each focus presents a set of bonuses related to the chosen branch, such as technology advancements, military experience, or production capabilities.

The choice of which path to follow can vary depending on the country you are playing. For example, some countries may benefit more from focusing on Industrial development, while others may prioritize Political paths to reshape their ideology or government structure.

Understanding your country’s starting position and strategic objectives is crucial for effectively utilizing the Focus Tree to maximize your country’s potential. By strategically selecting focuses, players can steer the course of their nation’s history within the game.

All Historical Focus Paths


  1. Ejército Argentino
  2. Armada de Argentina
  3. Roberto Maria Ortez
  4. El Manifiesto Concordancia
  5. Banco Central de la República Argentina
  6. Crackdown on Corruption
  7. Industrial Expansion
  8. British Economics
  9. Rapid Urbanization
  10. Import Substitution
  11. Agricultural Improvements
  12. Military Production Lines
  13. Emphasis Public Works
  14. Economic Reactivation Act
  15. Towards a Greater Argentina
  16. Universidad de Buenos Aires
  17. Fuerza Aérea Argentina
  18. Construct New Air Bases
  19. Capitalize the Beef Industry
  20. Revisit the Roca-Runciman Treaty
  21. Immigration Wave
  22. Develop Civilian Industry
  23. The Argentinian Metropole
  24. Economic Tax Reforms
  25. Invest in the Roads
  26. Invest in the Railways
  27. Expand Steel Extraction
  28. Construct New Naval Bases
  29. Invite Naval Advisors
  30. Expand Aluminum Extraction
  31. The Castillo Cabinet
  32. Consolidating Power
  33. March to Casa Rosada
  34. Balancing Act
  35. Expand military Industries
  36. The Strength of the Common Soldier
  37. Specialize the Heavy Guns Industries
  38. Expand the Army Academy


  1. Standard Gauge Railway
  2. Industries Assistance Corporation
  3. Western Australian Government Railways
  4. South Australian Housing Trust
  5. Additional Militia Training
  6. Royal Australian Artillery
  7. Daimler Dingo
  8. Promote Reservists
  9. Support the Policy of Appeasement
  10. Strengthen Ties with UK
  11. Adopt Westminster
  12. CSIR
  13. Expand the RAAF
  14. SWPA Protector
  15. Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
  16. Establish Advisory War Council
  17. National Security Act
  18. Volunteer Defence Corps
  19. Expand Lithgow Small Arms Factory.

… (keep the rest of the countries in a similar format) …

That’s everything you need to know about focus trees in Hearts of Iron 4!

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