Best ways to get animal hides in Once Human

Once Human: Tips for Gathering Animal Hides

To thrive in the unforgiving world of Once Human, mastering the art of collecting animal hides is essential. In addition to securing valuable resources like charcoal, gathering animal hide plays a crucial role in your survival strategy. If you’re seeking the most effective methods for obtaining animal hides in Once Human, this guide is here to assist you.

Best Practices for Obtaining Animal Hides

Acquiring hide in Once Human is relatively straightforward. Simply hunt down animals and loot their remains. However, if you have specific hide requirements, you may need to put in extra effort to track down the necessary animals, as they don’t drop large amounts of hide. While the method of dealing with each animal is the same, different animals present unique challenges.

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When facing deer, a simple shot is usually sufficient since they pose no threat. However, dealing with predators like crocodiles may require more finesse. It’s advisable to use a powerful weapon, regardless of its rarity. Opt for a single or double shot instead of multiple shots to take down these formidable foes.

For docile animals like deer, employing a crossbow is a wise choice. Crafting arrows is easier than bullets and they can also be found in the game world. Remember, these animals will flee rather than fight, so maintain a safe distance before taking your shots.

Once Human Skinning The Deer
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Utilization of Hide in Once Human

Hide serves as a versatile material with a multitude of uses in Once Human. While hide may not be an immediate necessity when you begin your journey, it’s wise to gather it whenever possible. As you progress and expand your base, hide will become increasingly valuable. While it’s not confirmed yet, hide may be utilized in crafting weapons and armor.

In addition to animal hides, another vital resource to keep an eye out for is iron ore. Our guide can aid you in easily identifying this essential material in the game.

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