Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Hackers Reveal Future DLC Content

Future Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League DLC Content Revealed by Hackers

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hackers have uncovered upcoming premium DLC content, showcasing unreleased characters and skins. Despite Warner Bros.’ efforts to scrub all traces of this content from social media platforms, it is surfacing during multiplayer sessions of the game itself.

Some Hacked Suicide Squad DLC Characters May Not Be Released Until Season 4

During multiplayer sessions, players have caught glimpses of characters like Deathstroke, although the character model failed to load properly for other participants. Additional leaked information compiled by IGN includes new skins for King Shark and The Joker, the latter of which was only recently introduced in Season 1.

Insider reports from Miller Ross hint that Deathstroke may not make his official debut until Season 4, which will feature a new storyline involving Batman’s return to Metropolis after a harrowing rescue from a medieval-themed Elseworld created by supervillain Brainiac. This season will also see the Justice League continuing to regroup following the game’s campaign events. Season 4 is projected to launch in January 2025, with the narrative expected to conclude in Season 5.

However, speculations also suggest that support for Suicide Squad may come to an end after Season 5. Despite initial plans for more seasons, dwindling player numbers and underwhelming performance raise doubts about the game’s longevity. The release of Season 1 in late March did not significantly boost game sales, and the discovery of hackers accessing premium content for free is concerning.

Season 1 not only introduced The Joker as a playable character but also added new boss fights, additional enemy variants, a fresh playable environment, DC villain-themed weapons and gear, and more. Subsequent seasons 2-4 will bring three new playable characters and environments, along with weapons, themed gear sets, and various activities.