How to increase lobby size

Content Warning Max Lobby

Content Warning suddenly gained popularity after offering a free game redemption for one day at the beginning of the month. The game allows players to live out their dreams of being famous content creators by filming themselves in spooky and dangerous scenarios. Playing through the game with friends is exciting and enjoyable, leading gamers to wonder how they can increase the lobby size to accommodate more people in their crew.

What Mods to Use to Increase Lobby Size

Currently, players are turning to mods like Virality and MorePlayers to expand the size of the game’s lobby. These mods became available shortly after Content Warning was released, enabling teams to increase beyond the default four-player limit. Regrettably, the developers had to intervene and put a stop to the use of these mods for valid reasons.

Devs Shut Down Mods Increasing Lobby Size

As of April 3, the Virality and MorePlayers mods are no longer effective, as the developers imposed a server limit. Despite being able to install them through mod managers, players are unable to utilize them. This decision was communicated through the game’s official Discord server, where mod Max clarified the reasons for the restriction.

The developers explained that they had to institute a strict server limit due to the larger data files required for increased lobby sizes, which cannot be transmitted through Steam. Finding alternative methods could lead to additional expenses for the developers, which they cannot afford at the moment. While the restrictions on lobby-size mods are temporary, the developers do plan to lift these limits in the future.

Do Other Mods Still Work?

Although mods that increase lobby sizes are currently disabled, other mods that enhance gameplay can still be utilized if configured correctly. There are numerous existing modifications that can provide additional enjoyment for players. We recommend using mod managers to prevent any potential errors or complications in the game.

How to Install Mods

To install mods, it is best to use Mod Managers like Thunderstore. These applications allow players to integrate modifications seamlessly without the need to access game files directly, making it easy to add or remove mods without any issues. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install mods for Content Warning using Thunderstore:

  • Download and Install Thunderstore
  • Open Thunderstore and search for Content Warning in the Search Box
  • Select the game and choose a profile (Select Default if it is your first time)
  • Choose Get Mods and browse through the available modifications for the game
  • Select mods that interest you and click download to automatically add them to your current profile
  • Ensure you launch the game through the Modded button on the top right to enable the downloads

If you prefer to manually install mods, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Download the desired mod from reputable websites
  • Open C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonContent Warning and extract the .zip files into this location
  • Follow any instructions provided with the file to avoid potential issues
  • Launch the game, and the mods should be activated
  • If you wish to remove the mods, make sure to delete them from the files properly to prevent game crashes