Front Mission 2 Remake Comes to PS4 and PS5 This Month

Front Mission 2 Remake Heads to PS4 and PS5 on April 30

The highly anticipated remake of Front Mission 2, previously exclusive to Nintendo Switch, is finally making its way to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox consoles at the end of this month. Fans, both old and new, can dive into the immersive tactical mech-combat RPG experience.

Publisher Forever Entertainment recently revealed the release date through an exciting trailer that dropped on Friday. Players of Front Mission 2 will take on the role of commanding a squad of powerful mechs known as Wanzers in thrilling tactical-turn-based battles. Originally released for the PS1 in Japan back in 1997, this technically serves as the third game in the series. The game only saw an international release following the remake’s debut on the Nintendo Switch last October. Now, gamers on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms can enjoy it starting April 30. PC enthusiasts can even get a taste of the action by downloading a free demo on Steam.

The narrative of Front Mission 2 unfolds 12 years after the events of the first game, transporting players to Alordesh, located in modern-day Bangladesh in the year 2102. Following a tumultuous period of political unrest, Alordesh declared its independence from the Oceana Cooperative Union and successfully overthrew the OCU government. Players will follow the journey of OCU soldiers including Ash Faruk, Thomas Nordland, Lisa Stanely, and their respective squads as they engage in intense battles against the Alordeshi forces.

Upon its release on the Switch, the remake of Front Mission 2 received a mixed reception, earning a critic score of 68/100 and a user score of 6.7/10 on Metacritic. While the game’s storyline was lauded by critics, some expressed criticism towards the slow pace of combat and its heavy reliance on chance (RNG). Additionally, many players felt that the upgrade was not as significant compared to the Front Mission 1 remake released in 2022. Nonetheless, the game has managed to cultivate a dedicated fan base among individuals willing to overlook its initial flaws.