How to get Adhesive in Once Human

Exploring and Gathering Materials in Once Human

When venturing into the strange and intriguing world of Once Human, it’s crucial to have the right gear and resources at your disposal. One essential material that you’ll need to keep an eye out for is Adhesive.

Adhesive can be found in various scrap items scattered throughout the Once Human map. A common source of Adhesive is sticky tape, which can be looted from different locations on the map. Keep a lookout for scrap items and crates to scavenge the materials you need.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, the next step is to construct a Disassembly Bench. This bench will enable you to extract Adhesive from the scrap items found in Once Human.

Building a Disassembly Bench

To construct a Disassembly Bench, you’ll need 20 Gravel and 10 Copper Ingots. Gravel can be mined from rocks around the map, while Copper must be smelted from Copper ore in a Furnace. Once you have these materials, access your build menu by pressing B and then the Right Mouse Button, selecting Facilities.

Image: PC Invasion

Disassembling Items for Adhesive in Once Human

Place your Disassembly Bench strategically within your base. Once constructed, approach the bench and press F to view all the scrap items you’ve collected. By clicking on the items in your inventory, you can see the resources you’ll obtain when disassembling them. Many of these scrap items yield Adhesive.

Remember that scrap items are meant for disassembly, so there’s no need to hoard them. Every resource counts as you fortify your base and prepare for significant challenges ahead. Adhesive is a versatile material used in various constructions, from windows to weapons, so be sure to gather as much scrap as possible during your explorations in Once Human.

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