How to make Glass in Once Human

Acquiring Glass in Once Human

Having better resources in Once Human can lead to better gear, which is essential for any player looking to explore the game fully. One of the most crucial resources to acquire is Glass.

Glass is an early-game item in Once Human that can be crafted shortly after building your base using basic facilities. To unlock the ability to craft glass, you will need to construct a furnace in your base. This facility is vital for creating many basic items in Once Human.

The Furnace can be accessed by entering the Build menu with the key ‘B’ and then navigating to the Facilities Menu by pressing the Right Mouse Button. Here, you will find the furnace necessary for crafting Glass in Once Human. To craft glass, you will need 20 Copper Ore, which can be mined from the orange rocks scattered around the map, and 30 Gravel, obtainable from any mineable rocks in the game.

Image: PC Invasion

Once you have constructed the Furnace, simply access the crafting Menu and locate glass in the list of early items available for construction. Before crafting glass, you will need to create Charcoal in the Furnace by burning wood collected from trees. To make one piece of glass in Once Human, you will need one Charcoal and three Gravel.

After selecting the desired quantity of glass to craft, initiate the crafting process. The time it takes to complete will depend on the number of pieces being crafted. Once finished, click on the completed glass in the bottom left of the Furnace menu to add it to your Once Human inventory.