Super Mario Maker Community Clears ‘Trimming The Herbs’ Just Days Before Wii U Online Shutdown

Image: Nintendo

Recently, the Super Mario Maker community on Wii U achieved a significant feat. Despite the impending shutdown of Nintendo’s Wii U online services, the community successfully conquered an “illegitimate upload” level titled ‘Trimming the Herbs’ that had been a source of challenge and determination.

The final barrier was broken by ‘sanyx91smm2’, who flawlessly completed the 25-second run of the level. The triumph was shared on Twitter, marking the end of this particular challenge.

This achievement holds special significance as it signifies the completion of every level in the Wii U version of Super Mario Maker before the impending shutdown. The toolbox of challenges presented by the community, including this last hurdle, has been overcome with determination and skill.