How to get disassembled materials in Once Human — list

Mastering Resource Collection in Once Human

Surviving in Once Human depends heavily on your ability to gather resources efficiently. One key aspect of this is collecting disassembled materials, which can be used to create various items in the game.

Starting the Disassembly Process

Before you can begin collecting disassembled items, you’ll need a Disassembly Bench in Once Human. This machine can convert junk and unwanted items into valuable disassembled materials. It’s an essential tool to have in the early stages of the game.

Setting Up Your Disassembly Bench

To build your Disassembly Bench, access your construction menu in Once Human. Navigate to the Facilities tab and then Crafting to find the option for the Disassembly Bench. You’ll need 20 Gravel and 10 Copper Ingots to construct this bench.

Image: PC Invasion

Collect Gravel from rocks or ore deposits and refine Copper ore into Copper Ingots to gather the necessary materials for your Disassembly Bench. Once constructed, you can start creating disassembled items in Once Human.

Finding Items to Disassemble

In Once Human, you can disassemble almost any item in your inventory. It’s recommended to disassemble redundant items like old tools and gear that you no longer need. The Disassembly Bench is particularly useful for breaking down junk items found throughout the game world.

How to get disassembled materials in Once Human — list
Image: PC Invasion

Use the Disassembly Bench to convert junk items like teddy bears and old toasters into valuable disassembled materials. These materials are crucial for crafting various items in Once Human.

Remember to keep one teddy bear for a puzzle later in the game, as it serves a specific purpose beyond disassembly. Otherwise, scrap all other redundant items in your inventory.

List of Disassembled Items

In Once Human, some materials can only be obtained through the disassembling process. Here are some of the items you can acquire by disassembling junk:

  • Metal Scraps
  • Electronics Accessory
  • Adhesive
  • Rubber
  • Shabby Fabric
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Carbon Fiber Fabric
  • Rusted Parts
  • Standard Parts
  • Refined Parts
  • Waste Plastic
  • All-Purpose Plastic
  • Fireproof Plastic
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