Microsoft introduces Xbox Field Trips – educational podcasts based on Game Pass titles

Xbox Teams Up with Ukie for Educational Podcasts

Xbox has collaborated with the UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie) trade association’s Digital Schoolhouse initiative to launch a series of Xbox Field Trips, educational podcasts that are based on popular Xbox Game Pass titles like Sea of Thieves and Minecraft.

The podcasts, known as “audio learning journeys”, can be accessed for free on Spotify and concentrate on the development of essential soft skills like decision-making, teamwork, and strategy. They were developed by a team consisting of teachers, game narrative designers, educational technology specialists, and child psychologists.

Each Xbox Field Trip is also available for download in an e-book format on the Xbox website to cater to different learning styles and accessibility requirements. Currently, there are seven different field trips available, each focusing on a specific set of skills related to a game featured in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

The games and associated skills covered in the podcasts are:

  • Grounded – Problem Solving and Analytical Thinking
  • Sea of Thieves – Teamwork and Delegation
  • Minecraft – Creativity and Innovation
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator – Focus and Diligence
  • PowerWash Simulator – Motivation and Prioritisation
  • Age of Empires 4 – Strategy and Decision making
  • Cities: Skylines – Planning and Adaptability

Ollie Bray, co-author of the European Games in Schools Handbook and contributor to the program development, expressed that “there is increasing evidence to suggest that play is one of the most powerful ways to learn. These interactive “Field Trips” allow young people to immerse themselves in both popular and culturally relevant video games while developing important skills and exploring a variety of learning outcomes.”

This initiative follows a series of campaigns that aim to showcase the positive impact of video games on people’s lives. Examples include Beyond Generations, which aimed to address loneliness in older individuals by enhancing relationships with younger family members through gaming, and Beyond Xbox: A Player Like Me, which utilized gaming in therapeutic settings.