Dragon’s Dogma 2 Saint of the Slums Guide

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Takes Side Quests to the Next Level

Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 introduces a significantly larger map compared to its predecessor. The game excels in transforming seemingly simple side quests into intricate storytelling experiences. One standout side quest is Saint of the Slums, which takes players on a journey across the map without clear waypoints to follow.

How to Start the DD2 Saint of the Slums Quest

The Saint of the Slums quest revolves around the Gracious Hand—a group of nurses in the Slums area of Vernworth dedicated to caring for the ill. To kick off the quest, players must visit this location in the southeast part of Vernworth. The quest begins after eavesdropping on a conversation between Vlasiy, a concerned beastren, and Elena, the head abbess.

After the dialogue, players will engage with Elena, who discusses the organization’s resource shortage and the benefits of acquiring restocks of Miasmite. Players must offer their assistance by procuring three Miasmite, a rare material in Dragon’s Dogma 2, especially if players avoid venturing out at night.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Get Miasmite

Exploring at night increases the chances of acquiring Miasmite. Venture out of Vernworth to encounter specific enemies, such as ghosts, who drop Miasmite upon defeat. The abundance of ghosts in the forest and roads northwest of Sacred Arborm makes this location ideal for Miasmite collection. Keep defeating ghosts until you have gathered three Miasmite to present to Elena.

Exploring the Abbey Basement

Once players provide Elena with the required materials, a tour of the abbey will ensue. During the tour, players will encounter patients and hear about strange occurrences in the basement sickroom. Investigating the basement will reveal valuable evidence in the form of records and unlabeled medicine, leading players closer to the truth.

Using the Evidence

Following the discovery of evidence, players will interact with patients mentioned in the records to gather additional intel. Conversations with Bruno and Jehan reveal crucial information that aids in uncovering suspicious activities within the abbey. A nighttime rendezvous at the Common Quarter marks a turning point in the quest.

The Meeting

The summit between Elena and a mysterious figure sheds light on the dubious dealings within the abbey. Observing the exchange unfolds key details that propel players towards significant revelations.

Testing the Unlabeled Medicine

Exploring the contents of the unlabeled medicine unveils shocking revelations about its addictive nature and deadly consequences. Seeking medical expertise to analyze the substance sets players on a path towards confronting Elena and seeking justice.

Justice is Served

Apprehending Elena marks the climax of the Saint of the Slums quest, rewarding players for their efforts with gold and experience points. The resolution brings closure to the quest and offers opportunities for additional storytelling elements.

Saving Lubomir

Players have the option to pursue further assistance for sick patients post-quest. Seeking medical treatment for Lubomir and his companions requires a monetary investment, providing players with a moral dilemma and a chance to make a difference in the game world.