All Scarabs in Path of Exile Necropolis

Path of Exile: All Scarabs in Necropolis Expansion

The latest Necropolis expansion for Path of Exile brought about a plethora of changes, including a major overhaul of Scarabs. These map fragments, used to modify non-unique maps, have been revamped to offer a wider range of effects. Scarabs can be acquired through random drops or found in Safehouses of the Immortal Syndicate.

Image: Grinding Gear Games

The diversity of Scarabs post the Necropolis release allows Path of Exile players to target farm currency, league mechanics, or specific content. Here’s a breakdown of all the Scarabs available in the game:

Path of Exile: Reliquary Scarabs

Reliquary ScarabBuild for yourself a hoard a Dragon would envy. If they were real.100% increased Unique Items found in Area.
Reliquary Scarab of OverlordsPry it from their cold dead hands.Unique Monsters in Area drop an additional Unique Item.
Reliquary Scarab of VisionHe foresees great wealth in your future.Area contains The Nameless Sear.

Path of Exile: Sulphite Scarabs

Sulphite ScarabDelve into darkness in search of the truth…Area contains Niko.
Sulphite Scarab of GreedThere is no such thing as “Enough.”Map owner gains 150%& more Sulphite.
Sulphite Scarab of FumesWhen the land itself is sick, even the very ground rots and spills forth.Sulphite found in Map Area releases Enraging Fumes. Monsters affected by Enraging Fumes have 500% increased Item Quantity. Sulphite in your maps is guarded by Monsters from The Azurite Mine.

Path of Exile: Divination Scarabs

Divination ScarabFate can be… encouraged.150% increased Divination Card found in Area.
Divination Scarab of CurationDiscernment is the key to attaining true control.10% more Divination Cards found in Area per different Favoured Maps. Divination Card drops in Area are replaced by those of your Favoured Maps.
Divination Scarab of CompletionPursue thy fate with grit, for it may arrive sooner than you think.Divination Cards which drop in Area have a 20% chance to drop as a full stack instead.

… (other Scarab types)

Acquiring these Scarabs might require some dedicated farming due to their rarity. Utilize various league mechanics like Betrayal, Ritual, or Incursion to target specific drops. Keep at it consistently and hope for favorable drops from the RNG gods in Path of Exile.

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