How does crafting work in Path of Exile Necropolis

Path of Exile: How Crafting Works in Necropolis

Exploring the depths of the Necropolis expansion in Path of Exile, players will encounter a unique crafting system centered around dealing with the dead. While this may seem macabre in the real world, in Necropolis it is a necessary and accepted practice to create powerful items. Here, we will delve into how crafting works in Path of Exile Necropolis.

Use the Lantern of Arimor and Face Spirits

One of the key mechanics introduced in Necropolis is the Lantern of Arimor. This lantern illuminates the monsters lurking in a map, along with their modifiers, which are influenced by haunting Spirits. By utilizing Allflame Embers, players can transform monster packs to summon even more enemies that drop rare loot. Alternatively, players can choose to stick with the default monsters and modifiers or skip the area if it proves too challenging.

Image: Grinding Gear Games

Collecting Corpses for Crafting

After clearing out enemies in a map, players may come across corpses that are essential for crafting. These corpses possess specific modifiers needed for crafting, with higher-tier monsters offering better modifiers. Collecting these corpses is crucial for enhancing crafting capabilities in Necropolis.

Path Of Exile Corpses
Image: Grinding Gear Games

Using Arimor’s Necropolis Graves for Crafting

Once players have gathered suitable corpses for crafting, they must visit Undertaker Arimor in the Necropolis Grave. Here, players can place collected corpses in personal graves and initiate the crafting process by clicking on “Craft.” The Tome of Arimor will appear, allowing players to select a base item for crafting.

Path Of Exile Graves
Image: Grinding Gear Games

Players can craft unique items by gathering corpses hunted by named Spirits and filling all grave slots with monster corpses possessed by named characters or spirits. Aim for higher-tier corpses to create powerful weapons in Path of Exile Necropolis.

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