Xbox president confirms commitment to backwards compatibility with ‘new team dedicated to game preservation’

Xbox President Confirms Commitment to Backwards Compatibility

Xbox president Sarah Bond has reassured gamers that backwards compatibility with previous-generation Xbox games will continue to be a key focus for the company’s hardware moving forward.

In internal emails obtained by Windows Central, Bond announced the formation of a new team dedicated to game preservation, emphasizing its importance to Xbox and the gaming industry as a whole.

Bond stated, “We are building on our strong history of delivering backwards compatibility to our players, and we remain committed to bringing forward the amazing library of Xbox games for future generations of players to enjoy.”

She also reiterated the company’s goal to provide a significant technological advancement in Xbox’s next hardware generation. Bond had initially mentioned this during an Official Xbox Podcast episode earlier this year, and she reiterated this commitment in the recent email correspondence.

Impressive Commitment

Microsoft has always prioritized backwards compatibility, and with the introduction of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, that commitment has only strengthened. Both current-gen consoles can play the entire Xbox One library, along with a wide selection of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles. Additionally, physical copies of these legacy games are compatible with Xbox Series X.

Going above and beyond, Microsoft has enhanced the resolution and performance of some games through patches. For instance, only on Xbox Series consoles can players experience games like Sonic Unleashed at a smooth 60fps. Other titles that have received performance boosts include Dark Souls 3, Fallout New Vegas, and the Dragon Age trilogy.

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