All Hall of Champions chests in Destiny 2 Into the Light, explained

Exploring the Hall of Champions in Destiny 2 Into the Light

Guardians in Destiny 2 have a new challenge to face with the Hall of Champions in the Into the Light update. This unique area is filled with chests waiting to be opened, offering a variety of rewards for players. While not as grand as Xur’s location on Eternity, the Hall of Champions has its own charm and mystery. Let’s dive into the details of all the chests available in Destiny 2 Into the Light.

Gear Chests Demystified

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Hall of Champions is primarily populated by gear chests, each containing pieces of armor for every class in Destiny 2. From head to toe, Guardians can find armor sets reminiscent of classic D2 styles, featuring vibrant colors that showcase class pride. However, identifying which chest corresponds to each class can be a challenge. Remember, Titan chests come first, followed by Hunters and then Warlocks. Make sure to double-check before committing to opening a set of gear chests to avoid any mishaps.

The Mystery of the BRAVE Chest

All Hall Of Champions Chests In Destiny 2 Into The Light Bravery
Screenshot: PC Invasion

On the left side of Lord Shaxx lies the BRAVE chest, a special reward for completing the first Onslaught mission. This chest allows Guardians to roll for BRAVE weapons already obtained, making it easier to farm for desired weapons and create the perfect loadout for tackling challenges in Into the Light.

Unveiling the Gift of the Thunder Gods Chest

All Hall Of Champions Chests In Destiny 2 Into The Light Thunder Gods Chest
Screenshot: PC Invasion

For Guardians looking to elevate their light level to 1810, the Gift of the Thunder Gods chest on the right side of the BRAVE chests is the key. Inside, players will find a complete 1810 armor set, along with primary, special, and heavy weapons at the same level. Additionally, the chest contains special Exotic gear tailored to your class, including the powerful Thunderlord Exotic weapon. New players or those starting fresh in Destiny 2 will find this chest invaluable in boosting their arsenal and preparation for challenges ahead.

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