All Brave Triumphs in Destiny 2 and how to complete them

All About Destiny 2 Brave Triumphs

Are you ready to prove your bravery in Destiny 2? If so, you’ll want to aim for the prestigious Brave title. This title is achieved by completing nine different Triumphs that focus on Onslaught mode and Brave weapons. While not all content is available yet, you can start working on these Triumphs as new weapons are unlocked and bosses rotate. Here is a breakdown of all the Brave Triumphs in Destiny 2: Into the Light:

Brave Triumph List

  • Brave Collector: Complete all BRAVE weapon quests.
  • Grimoire Gatherer VIII: Collect a Grimoire card about Empress Caiatl.
  • Lord of Reputation: Reach maximum reputation with Lord Shaxx.
  • So Many Waves: Complete waves in Onslaught (four steps).
  • Breaking the Charge: Defeat each of the 3 final bosses in Onslaught. Bosses rotate weekly.
    • – Filedrazer Tormentor.
    • – Siegehook Ogre.
    • – Fallen Warpriest.
  • Trying to Budget: Purchase Defenses in Onslaught (four steps).
  • Not on Your Watch: Complete the 5th wave set in Onslaught on Normal difficulty.
  • Brave Weaponsmaster: Defeat opponents with BRAVE weapons. Defeating Guardians grants more progress.
  • Triumphant Whisper: Complete the Exotic mission “The Whisper.”

As you tackle the So Many Waves and Trying to Budget Triumphs, be prepared to spend time completing waves and making defense purchases. Make sure to keep an eye out for Arcite 99-40’s weapons quests and finish them as new weapons are released, as the Brave Collector Triumph requires completion of all Brave quests, not just the initial ones available.

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