Epic Mickey Switch Remake Translates “Motion Controls To Analog Sticks” And Enhances Camera

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Coming to Switch

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced during a Partner Showcase that the beloved 2010 Wii title, Epic Mickey, would be getting a remake for the Switch. The new version, titled Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, promises to be a “faithful remake” of the original game.

Senior producer Pan Schröder shared more details about the project with GameSpot, revealing some of the improvements players can expect. The remake will feature enhancements such as camera improvements, analog stick controls, and more:

“We had to change the controls, we had to enhance the camera, and we needed to translate motion controls to analog sticks, while needing to keep the heart of the game intact”

For those who enjoyed the motion controls of the Wii version, fret not, as this new version will still offer that option. GameSpot has even provided a sneak peek with eight minutes of gameplay footage showcasing some early segments of the game.

Will you be checking out this game when it arrives on Switch? Let us know.

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