Anime Last Stand Tier List (April 2024)

Anime Last Stand Units Tier List

Looking for an Anime Last Stand tier list? This anime-inspired Roblox game has garnered a significant player base in just a few weeks. With a variety of unlicensed characters to choose from, it can be helpful to have some guidance on which fighters to prioritize. Our tier list is here to assist you!

Units Tier List for Anime Last Stand

Take a look at our units tier list for Anime Last Stand below. We have ranked all the units currently available in the game based on their rarity and difficulty to obtain in-game. The top-tier units are the most elusive and therefore the most effective in combat, while the lower-tier units are more common.

RankingUnit Name
APride (Starter), Kohan (Drip), Gogota (Primal)
BBaldy (Bored), Black Swordsman, Flame Alchemist, Idol, Knight King, Kon (Adult), Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked)
CCaptain Commander, Illusionist, Curse King (Suppressed), Dark Captain, World’s Strongest (Old), Strongest Sorcerer, Speedcart, Jenos
DBoku (SS), Burning Hero, Grimjaw, Lightning Swordsman, Namek Warrior, Noble Captain, Ulmiorra, Uriu, Vegata (Super), Wind Pillar, Zuffy (Timeskip)
ETenjuro, Kon, Ichiko (Kai), Lenji (Demon Leg), Riku, Pride (Night), Zuffy (Lobby)

What is the Best Unit in Anime Last Stand?

Image Source: Roblox

In accordance with our tier list, the top units to utilize in Anime Last Stand are Mesh, Pride (Starter), Kohan (Drip), and Gogota (Primal).

Among them, Mesh stands out as the unit to aim for. As the only Ultimate unit currently available in Anime Last Stand, Mesh can deal up to 81,400 damage to enemies in tower defense levels. However, with a mere 0.01% drop rate on banner 2, obtaining Mesh relies heavily on luck.

While other units from the Exotic rarity may be challenging to obtain, Pride (Starter) and Kohan (Drip) prove to be the best choices. Pride (Starter) requires purchasing the Starter Gamepass, while Kohan (Drip) can be acquired by redeeming codes. Both units boast an upgraded damage stat exceeding 2,500. Although they may not match Mesh’s prowess, they are the top picks among more accessible units.

That concludes our Anime Last Stand tier list! We will strive to keep this guide updated with the latest units and any adjustments made to existing ones. In the meantime, be sure to explore Play for UGC codes and Silly Tower Defense codes.