Destiny 2 Is Finally Adding Exotic Class Items In The Final Shape, But With Some Neat Twists

Destiny 2 Introduces Exotic Class Items in The Final Shape

Destiny 2’s armor system traditionally offered five slots for gear, with only four of them allowing for Exotic variations. However, a new development in The Final Shape expansion introduces Exotic class items, enabling players to equip Exotic Warlock bonds, Hunter cloaks, or Titan marks.

These Exotic class items do not feature new perks. Instead, they can borrow abilities from existing Exotic armor pieces to enhance a Guardian’s capabilities. Players can select two perks from other Exotics, even from different Guardian classes. However, obtaining the desired perks may require extensive farming due to the random roll system.

One potential combination teased by Bungie involves a Titan Exotic mark with Spirit of the Star-Eater and Spirit of the Ophidian perks. This setup can provide opportunities for quick reloads and overcharged Super abilities upon picking up orbs of power. Crafting a Guardian focused on this Exotic combination presents a challenge but holds the promise of creating a formidable character for The Final Shape and PvP activities.

Warlock Exotic class item


The introduction of Exotic class items is just the beginning of Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion. In June, players can expect the debut of the Prismatic subclass and a new enemy faction, the Dread. In the meantime, Destiny 2 enthusiasts can anticipate new content launching this month with Into the Light.