Space Marine 2 Studio Wants to Focus on ‘Middle Market’ Games Like Helldivers 2

Despite the lack of a AAA budget, Helldivers 2 has emerged as the standout success of 2024 so far, garnering attention from various studios in the industry. Saber Interactive, the developer behind Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2, is one such studio that has taken notice, with its CEO expressing a keen interest in producing more “middle market” games.

Saber Interactive CEO emphasizes the unsustainability of $70 games

Matthew Karch, the CEO of Saber Interactive, recently delved into this topic in an interview with IGN. The discussion not only touched upon Saber’s recent departure from the financially troubled Embracer Group but also delved into the realm of AAA gaming budgets and the viability of pricing games at $70.

Despite Space Marine 2 carrying a $70 price tag, Karch believes that the focus should shift towards reducing costs rather than increasing prices. He stated, “I think that as games become more expensive to make, the $70 title is going to go the way of the dodo. I do. I just don’t think it’s sustainable… What if it fails? You remember what happened when Ubisoft a couple of years ago, all their titles slipped out of the year, and then all of a sudden, they were in an entirely different place? It’s hard to recover from that.”

Interestingly, although Karch considers Space Marine 2 to be their “best” game, he expressed reluctance towards pricing it at $70. The CEO noted the existing stigma surrounding cheaper games, which players may perceive as lacking in quality. This poses a challenge for Saber, which Karch describes as a “middle market” or AA studio.

Nonetheless, Karch pointed out that the resounding success of Helldivers 2 serves as a testament to the fact that AA games can defy stereotypes and even surpass titles from major studios. This success story offers a viable alternative path that Karch is eager for Saber to explore.