Star Wars Outlaws: 5 Things to Pay Attention to in the Newest Trailer

A Closer Look at the Criminal Syndicates

Kay and Nix are set to embark on a thrilling journey across the intergalactic underworld, forming alliances with notorious criminal organizations such as the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Cartel, Crimson Dawn, and the Ashiga Clan, a newly established syndicate in partnership with Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games. Through daring heists, covert missions, and strategic maneuvers, players must navigate the intricate web of underworld politics, carefully weighing the consequences of their actions on their standing with each syndicate. The decisions made by Kay will shape their reputation in this dangerous world.

Exploring New Planets and Locations

Players will have the opportunity to visit a diverse range of planets and locations alongside Kay and Nix. From the opulent cityscape of Canto Bight to the desolate deserts of Tatooine, the icy terrain of Kijimi, the lush jungles of Akiva, and the untamed wilderness of Toshara, a brand-new addition to the Star Wars universe crafted by Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games. Each locale presents a distinct environment with unique challenges and gameplay possibilities, promising a truly immersive experience for players.