Children of the Sun Review

Children of the Sun: A Supernatural Sniper Puzzle Game Review

Children of the Sun offers a unique gaming experience that combines elements of a supernatural sniper game with puzzle-solving mechanics. While it may be billed as a tactical third-person shooter, the game leans heavily into its puzzle aspect, challenging players to carefully plan and execute each shot to eliminate enemies without straying off course.

The game’s storyline is delivered through quick sequences of hand-drawn artwork, keeping the narrative simple and easy to follow. Players take on the role of The Girl, a character seeking revenge against The Cult and its sadistic leader for the murder of her parents. Armed with paranormal powers that allow her to manipulate objects with her mind, The Girl embarks on a telekinetic killing spree to achieve her goal.

While the storyline may lack depth, it serves its purpose as a revenge tale. The Girl’s character may come off as a disaffected adolescent, but the focus of the game lies more in its gameplay mechanics than its narrative depth.

Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Children of the Sun features a grainy, stylized aesthetic reminiscent of the PS2 era. While the visuals effectively set the tone for the game, there are moments when the dark color palette makes it challenging to spot obstacles. However, enemies are highlighted, shifting the focus to orchestrating the perfect sequence of kills rather than mere target acquisition.

The controls are simple and intuitive, with players using the mouse buttons and scroll wheel to navigate through levels. While The Girl’s movement is limited, the majority of gameplay revolves around controlling the path of a single bullet to take down enemies strategically. As players progress, new abilities are introduced, adding layers of complexity to the gameplay and encouraging experimentation.

Master of a Speeding Bullet

Children of the Sun incorporates a scoring system and leaderboards for players to compare their performance with others. While the game offers replay value in terms of refining strategies and exploring new approaches, some may find the repetitive nature of certain levels less engaging after the initial playthrough.

Children of the Sun commits the cardinal slow motion sin of showing a bullet in flight as the entire cartridge.

One quirk worth mentioning is the depiction of the bullet in flight as the entire cartridge, a minor detail that may irk some players. Despite this small oversight, Children of the Sun delivers a compelling gameplay experience that challenges players to think strategically and master the art of precision shooting.