Everything You Need to Know About Rush Mode in Gigantic: Rampage Edition, Available Today


Gigantic: Rampage Edition brings the beloved 5v5 MOBA Hero Shooter back to life, now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with crossplay support. One exciting addition is the new Rush Mode, offering fast-paced action and non-stop thrills for all players. To help you excel in this new mode, we’ve compiled some essential tips for becoming an elite Rush Mode player.

Introduction to Gigantic: Rampage Edition

The highly innovative MOBA hero shooter, Gigantic, is returning in style with Gigantic: Rampage Edition, launching on April 9, 2024. This definitive release promises to deliver everything fans love about the original game while introducing exciting new content such as Rush Mode, cross platform play, fresh heroes, new maps, and various gameplay enhancements, providing players with a more comprehensive Gigantic experience than ever before.

Getting Started with Rush Mode

Rush Mode: Fast-Paced Fun for Everyone

Rush Mode offers a streamlined and action-packed experience, condensing the essence of Gigantic into a fast-paced game mode accessible to all players. Matches in Rush Mode are quick, usually lasting around 10 minutes, ensuring constant excitement and engagement.

Preparing for Rush Mode: Essentials To Know

Gigantic: Rampage Edition introduces several gameplay improvements, including new tutorials to help players familiarize themselves with different game modes, including Rush. It’s strongly advised to complete the Rush tutorial to gain a thorough understanding of the mode.

After mastering the tutorial, select a hero that aligns with your playstyle from the diverse pool of 25 unique heroes available in Gigantic: Rampage Edition. With new additions like Roland and Kajir, each hero possesses distinctive offensive and defensive skills, along with unique “Focus Skills” to enhance gameplay. Choosing the right hero is crucial for success in matches.

Customizing your loadout is the next step, tailoring it to match your preferred style of play. Whether opting for preset builds or creating a custom loadout, ensure it complements your tactics. Additionally, the game offers various hero and weapon skins for personalizing your character, all unlockable through gameplay progression.

Gigantic Rampage Edition Tyto Screenshot

Key Features of Rush Mode

Rush Mode differentiates itself from the existing Clash mode by allowing hero changes mid-match, enabling strategic shifts based on gameplay dynamics. Starting at level 10, heroes have access to their full range of abilities, offering a comprehensive exploration of each hero’s skill set. This feature equips players with the tools necessary to adapt and succeed in fast-paced battles.

Gigantic Rampage Edition Leiran Guardian Screenshot

Ready to Conquer in Gigantic: Rampage Edition

With a solid grasp of Rush Mode mechanics, you are now prepared to dive into the exhilarating world of Gigantic: Rampage Edition. Available for $19.99 on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, this game invites players to indulge in thrilling Rush Mode battles with friends across different platforms. Get ready to embark on epic adventures and showcase your skills in Gigantic: Rampage Edition!