EA Denies Rumors of a Dead Space 2 Remake

EA’s Motive Studio denies Dead Space 2 remake rumors

Despite recent speculation, EA’s Motive Studio has confirmed that they were never working on a remake of Dead Space 2. The rumors of a potential remake being canceled due to poor sales of the first installment were dismissed by EA, stating that the project never existed in the first place.

Dead Space 2 remake plans debunked

Jeff Grubb, during a Game Mess Mornings podcast episode, claimed that a Dead Space 2 Remake was in its concept stage before being scrapped. He mentioned, “They were working on Dead Space 2, and they are no longer working on it because the first game had lackluster sales, is how it was phrased to me.” However, EA quickly refuted this information.

When reached for comment by IGN, an EA spokesperson stated, “We don’t normally comment on rumors, but there is no validity to this story.” Despite not disclosing specific sales figures, the first game’s remake apparently performed well, with EA considering it a triumph. EA clarified that Motive Studio never had intentions to remake Dead Space 2.

What’s next for Motive Studio?

Following the debunked rumors, Motive Studio has announced the formation of a new team, led by the directors of the Dead Space remake, to contribute to EA’s Battlefield franchise. Additionally, the studio is actively involved in the development of an Iron Man game, currently without a release date. Despite the absence of concrete timelines, Motive emphasized that the Iron Man game is a top priority and recently reached a significant milestone in its development.

Despite the positive reception of the Dead Space remake, loyal fans of the franchise may be disappointed by the lack of a sequel. Dead Space 2, released in 2011 by Visceral Games, received critical acclaim and remains backward compatible on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Nevertheless, EA terminated the multiplayer servers last year, leaving fans eager for a modernized version that harnesses the power of current gaming hardware.