How to Destroy Gunships and Factory Striders in Helldivers 2

With the latest developments in the Helldivers campaign against the Automaton forces, two new formidable enemy types have emerged on Bot-occupied planets. The introduction of Gunships armed with autocannons and rockets, as well as Factory Striders with artillery guns and laser gatling guns, has posed a significant challenge for players. In this guide, we will explore strategies and loadouts to help players combat these new threats in Helldivers 2.

Gunship Strategies

Gunships prove to be a dangerous adversary, often coordinating attacks with other Automaton units on the battlefield. Their autocannons and rockets pose a threat even when behind low or medium cover, making it essential to break line of sight with these enemies. The red scanner light on the Gunship indicates its line of sight, akin to the sweeping scans of Detector Towers.

Targeting the turbines is the key to defeating Gunships, with weapons like the Quasar Cannon and EAT proving effective. Other weapons like the Autocannon, Laser Cannon, Heavy Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher, Anti Material Rifle, and Recoilless Rifle can also take down Gunships when aimed at the turbines. However, the SPEAR weapon is ineffective against Gunships as it cannot lock on to them.

Destroying the Gunship Fabricator

The Gunship Fabricator, a Tactical Objective that spawns Gunships, is a towering structure that requires a specific approach to destroy. Offensive Stratagems like the 500kg Bomb and Orbital Laser are ineffective against the Fabricator. To dismantle this structure, players must call down a Hellbomb provided by the mission and manually arm it to achieve the desired result. It is crucial to protect the Hellbomb from Automaton attacks as they will attempt to destroy it.

Factory Strider Strategies

The Factory Strider stands out as the most formidable enemy in the Automaton army, surpassing even the Command Bunker in terms of armor and health. This elite unit spawns only on Suicide Mission difficulty and above, serving as a mobile Fabricator that deploys Devastators. Armed with a cannon turret, miniguns, and impressive resilience to offensive Stratagems, the Factory Strider presents a daunting challenge.

While the Factory Strider lacks clear weak spots, sustained heavy firepower is key to defeating it. Disabling the guns on its frame and slowing its movement by targeting its legs can make the battle more manageable. It requires coordination among squad members to combine offensive strategies effectively and take down this formidable foe.