Deadpool & Wolverine extended trailer explains the multiversal mission

Deadpool Teases Wolverine Appearance in MCU Debut

Deadpool is gearing up for his MCU debut, and the latest look at the threequel gave us more of what we really want: Wolverine. Nine minutes of Deadpool & Wolverine was shown during Disney’s CinemaCon 2024 presentation on Thursday, which also included the first trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Brave New World (slick, small-ish spy movie) and an update on Thunderbolts*, which now has an asterisk in the title. But on to Deadpool 3.

First Look at Deadpool 3

The extended first look starts with Wade Wilson selling used cars with is usual vulgarity, all while claiming that he’s officially done with superhero work. But despite his seemingly ordinary life, Wade can’t help but feel that someone’s watching him, which leads directly to the birthday party that starts the movie’s first trailer. After a few zingers, an awkward romantic reunion, and an extended bit about cocaine, Wade gets abducted by the Time Variance Association, seemingly kicking off the movie’s main plot.

To introduce the mission at hand, Matthew Macfadyen’s agent shows up to explain what the TVA does, and that for some reason, Deadpool is very necessary to saving the future. In fact, Macfadyen says, it might be necessary for him to avenge something, at some point. While explaining this, Wade gets a glimpse of possible futures for the sacred timeline, including Thor crying over Wade’s dead body. After this explanation, Wade takes a second to grab the camera and yell “suck it Fox I’m going to Disneyland!” Then he suits up in a new and improved costume.

Deadpool & Wolverine Scene

After all that, CinemaCon audiences were shown a scene in which Deadpool and Wolverine are in the car together. Wade makes fun of Logan’s yellow suit and asks if Fox made him wear it, before the whole thing cuts to black.

Marvel President’s Reaction

Introducing the clip on stage during CinemaCon, Marvel Studio’s president Kevin Feige called the movie “f***ing awesome,” three times over, which he said he’s allowed to say since the movie’s officially rated R —- a first for Disney’s Marvel movies.

Deadpool & Wolverine is directed by Shawn Levy and co-written by Levy, Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Zeb Wells. Alongside Hugh Jackman and Reynolds, the new movie will also feature Matthew MacFadyen (Succession) and Emma Corrin (The Crown), as well as plenty of returning faces to the series.

Don’t expect the clip to appear online, but good news: CinemaCon broke the first look on Jackman in his costume days prior — courtesy of a soda cup. So who really needs a new trailer?

Release Date

Deadpool & Wolverine is set for release on July 26.