Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth finally fixes its Platinum Trophy bug with latest patch

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Bug Update

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players can now breathe a sigh of relief, as Square Enix has fixed the bug that was causing trouble for those trying to obtain the game’s Platinum Trophy.

After reports from fans that they were unable to complete the ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ sidequest at the Gold Saucer, Square Enix promised to address the issue with a scheduled update last week.

Fortunately, Patch 1.030 is now available for download, bringing a resolution to the bug as well as introducing enhancements to the game’s functionality and stability.

The root of the problem was identified in a sub-quest called ‘Challenge from a Player’ in Chapter 12. This quest was preventing players from progressing even if they had met the clear conditions for the Gold Saucer’s G-Bike minigame.

Although the bug has been fixed, Square Enix advises players to meet the G Bike clear conditions again after updating. However, previous progress in the quest has not been reset.

Additionally, the new courses in the Battle Simulator should now be released correctly, and the issue preventing players from obtaining the ‘Sabotender Senbon Knocker’ trophy has been resolved.

For a full list of the patch notes, see below:

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth version 1.030 patch notes

  • Fixed a bug in the side quest “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” in Chapter 12 that may prevent quest progression even if G-bike clearing conditions are met.
    • Players will need to meet the G bike clearing conditions again after the update to progress through the quest. Previous quest progress will not be reset.
  • Fixed a bug related to certain procedures in research reports.
  • Fixed a bug in the Battle Simulator where new courses were not released in rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug where favorability would not increase even after selecting an option to increase favorability.
  • Resolved an issue preventing players from obtaining the “Cactuar Crusher” trophy despite meeting the conditions.
  • Addressed problems with loading save data under specific conditions.
  • Implemented fixes for display bugs.