How to change you appearance in Once Human

Changing Your Appearance in Once Human

Discovering how to change your appearance in Once Human can be a game-changer. While initially it may seem like your look is set in stone, there is actually a hidden method that allows for complete customization.

Unlocking the Ability to Change Your Appearance

At first, it may seem like a daunting task to alter your appearance in Once Human. The key item you need to construct is not something you would typically expect. Head to the build menu and navigate to the Furniture section, where you will find the Floor Mirror tucked away in the floor menu.

Image: PC Invasion

Using the Floor Mirror for Customization

The Floor Mirror in Once Human serves a unique purpose – it allows you to access the Reforge function, which lets you completely transform your appearance. From changing your facial features to adjusting your height and makeup, the options are extensive.

The character customization options in Once Human are surprisingly detailed once you delve into them. Tweaking your appearance can add a new layer of immersion to the game, especially in third-person view where you can see how your character looks.

Building the Floor Mirror

To embark on this journey of self-transformation in Once Human, all you need to do is construct a Floor Mirror. This item is relatively easy to acquire early in the game, requiring 20 logs and 10 Glass. Logs can be gathered from trees, while Glass can be crafted in a furnace using gravel and charcoal. Once you’ve placed the Floor Mirror, simply interact with it to access the Reforge menu.

While most appearance changes are free in Once Human, some major alterations may require a resource called Mitsuko Deciduous.

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