How to Use the Van in A Dusty Trip on Roblox

If you’re just beginning your journey in A Dusty Trip, you’re probably eyeing that abandoned Van in the backyard. Well, that Van can be restored and utilized for a speedy trip across the desert terrain. Traversing by foot is exhausting and risky, particularly with Mutants lurking around. So, to guide you through the process, here’s how you can repair and utilize the Van in A Dusty Trip.

Repairing and Using the Van in A Dusty Trip

To utilize the Van in A Dusty Trip, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Install 4 Wheels
  • Install an Engine
  • Install a Radiator
  • Install 4 Doors
  • Fuel the Van

These are the essential components you must find and affix to the Van in order to make use of it. Initially, the wheels can be found near the Van itself. For the final wheel, head to the garage within your residence. Once you’ve located the wheels, simply pick them up and bring them near the Van. You’ll then receive the option to place them on the target.

Next, the doors can also be found near the Van. When adding a door, ensure to pick it up and place it in the correct spot. The doors of the Van come in different sizes and should be placed in the appropriate slots. If you’re having trouble placing a door, it’s likely because you’re not in the correct spot.

add Radiator to Use the Van in A Dusty Trip

After attaching the doors and wheels, it’s time to place an Engine and a Radiator in your Van. Without these components, you won’t be able to operate the Van in A Dusty Trip. You can find both of these parts on the table inside the garage. The Radiator should be placed at the front of the area, while the Engine should be placed next to the driver’s seat.

putting engine in the Van to use it in A Dusty Trip

Once all essential parts are in place, your final task is to fuel the Van. Inside the Red Jerry Can within the garage, you’ll find the fuel. Grab it, head to the fuel port, and fill the Van with fuel. With everything set, hop into the Van, engage the handbrakes, and press the “R” key to rev the Engine.

That’s all you need to do to use the Van in A Dusty Trip. As you start utilizing the Van, you may feel the need to enhance its speed. To achieve that, refer to our guide for tips on how to make your car faster.