This map of Faerun shows just how small of an area Baldur’s Gate 3 took place in

Exploring the Size of Baldur’s Gate 3’s World in Faerun

This recent discovery on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit sheds light on just how small of an area the game actually takes place in when compared to the vast map of Faerun. While playing BG3, the world may have felt immense, but in reality, it may not be as large as we thought.

Reddit user “Lwmons” shared a detailed map of Faerun on the subreddit, highlighting the specific area where most of BG3’s action unfolds with a tiny red box. At first glance, the box may seem insignificant, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize just how small of a space BG3 occupies within the grand scope of Faerun.

The official Dungeons & Dragons world is Faerun, encompassing various regions and cities like Baldur’s Gate. Another player from the BG3 community showcased their entire journey in the game on one map, offering an interesting perspective on the game’s scale in relation to Faerun. It becomes apparent that despite our adventures in BG3, we have only scratched the surface of Faerun.

For fans familiar with D&D lore, familiar locations such as the Sword Coast, Candlekeep, and Icewind Dale are recognizable on the map. Icewind Dale, in particular, has historical ties to Baldur’s Gate, creating a sense of continuity within the game universe.

Upon closer examination of the map, it becomes evident just how tiny the red box representing Baldur’s Gate is in comparison to the vast expanse of Faerun. While Larian Studios has confirmed that their next project will not be within the Baldur’s Gate franchise, there remains ample space within Faerun for potential future installments.

Fans sharing their reactions in the comments express awe at the sheer size of Faerun in contrast to the limited area of BG3. One player humorously notes Gale’s observation about the distance from Waterdeep, placing it much farther north along the coast.

Another commenter points out the limitations of travel within the game world, highlighting how the party’s reliance on walking may have hindered their exploration of other regions. Interestingly, one player even stumbled upon the character creation area through a glitch in the game.